What is Eyelash Glue?

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Eyelash glue, which is also sometimes referred to as "eyelash adhesive," is a beauty product that is used to secure false eyelashes onto the skin just above the natural eyelashes. This product usually comes in the form of a white or clear paste that becomes transparent or blends in with other cosmetics when it dries. Eyelash glue is applied in a thin line to the back of the false eyelashes, which are then affixed to the eyelids. Some people use q-tips or tweezers to make sure that the false lashes are fixed properly in place before the glue dries. This must be done carefully to avoid poking and injuring the eyeball.

Some false eyelashes come pre-packaged with adhesive. This adhesive, however, is usually only good for one application. Eyelash glue is necessary in order to apply the lashes a second time. As some false eyelashes can be quite expensive, especially those made with high quality materials, eyelash glue can help to make them useable for longer. For people who were false eyelashes on a regular basis, eyelash glue is an important cosmetic staple.


Sometimes eyelash glue is used for purposes other than affixing false eyelashes to the eyelids. Sometimes it is used to affix other things, such as sequins and gem-like accents on to the skin, on the face, and sometimes the neck and decolletage area as well. As eyelash glue has some versatile purposes, it is often used by makeup artists who specialize in very dramatic looks and are also useful for costume purposes.

There are a few formulas of eyelash glue that offer specific results or benefits for the wearers. Some of the products, for example, are waterproof. This can be important for people who prefer to wear waterproof mascara as well. Waterproof adhesive can help to keep the false lashes in place even if the wearer is in a humid area or if the eyes begin to tear up. Other kinds of adhesive are formulated to be appropriate for people who wear eyelash glue.

Eyelash glue can vary a bit in price. Most products that fall in to this category are under $10 USD (US Dollars), with some products that are even under $3 USD. While the price of false lashes may vary quite dramatically depending on the materials that are used to make them, adhesive is not a product that goes up in price much depending on the brand.


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People who use eyelash glue should be aware that it definitely has a shelf life. After several months of constant use, it is not uncommon for a tube of lash glue to become runny, dried, or even foul smelling.

If you use eyelash glue frequently, you should replace the tube every 4 to 6 months. If you just use it on occasion, it should last about a year.

Post 1

I wear false eyelashes for special occasions, and was excited to find eyelash glue in black. It is ideal because you can't see it all all once it dries. This is quite different than white or clear false eyelash glue that can be noticeable depending on how it dries and where is located on the lash line.

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