What is Eyeclops&Reg; Night Vision?

N. Madison

EyeClops® Night Vision goggles are toys that allow children to see well in very dark environments. In fact, this toy headset can be used for play in absolute darkness. The goggles may be good for playing spy games or even hide and seek, provided that running isn't part of the game.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

EyeClops® Night Vision goggles offer two modes for use: maximum mode and stealth mode. In stealth mode, the goggles allow children to see things that are in their immediate environment. In this mode, children can see clearly, yet they can remain undetectable in the darkness. There are no lights on the goggles to give them away. On the other hand, the maximum mode of these goggles allows children to see up to 50 feet away, but a very small ring of red LED lights will be visible in this mode.

EyeClops® Night Vision goggles work on batteries. To operate the headset unit, five AA batteries are needed. The batteries are installed into a battery pack that is located on the back of the goggle headset. A Phillips-head screwdriver is needed to put the batteries in and secure the battery door. The headset is made of plastic.

Infrared technology is what EyeClops® Night Vision goggles use. Vision through the goggles is monocular; children only see through the right eye. However, the goggles do have a flip-up eyepiece on the left-hand side. This allows for seeing when the unit is turned off and may be useful when putting the headset on. The headset has soft molding on the inside and adjustable straps, allowing it to fit on a variety of head sizes, including those belonging to adults. These goggles can even be used over eyeglasses for those with corrected vision.

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When using EyeClops® Night Vision goggles, a person sees through a small display located inside the headset. The stealth mode is the toy's lower power level while the surveillance mode uses the maximum level of power. The display screen offers two options. Users can choose between green and black and white for the display screen.

Adult supervision is recommended with EyeClops® night vision goggles. This toy reduces depth perception and doesn't provide for peripheral vision, so having a parent nearby can help to reduce the potential for accidents. Also, it's best to avoid using these goggles in rooms with dangers like stoves. Likewise, EyeClops® Night Vision should never be used at the top of a staircase. However, the goggles can be used for play in a wide variety of places, both indoors and outdoors.

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