What is Eyebrow Shaping Gel?

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If you want shapely brows, you’ll probably have to do some plucking (or waxing) and trimming in order to keep the eyebrows from getting unruly. But there are also makeup techniques and materials that can help keep the eyebrows looking lined up with every hair in place. One of the most useful products in this respect is eyebrow shaping gel.

Eyebrow shaping gel is made by a number of cosmetics companies. Look for those brands that boast of non-flaking formulas, since the last thing you want is flaking brows. The clear or translucent gel often comes in tubes with what looks like a mascara applicator, and the gel is fairly easy to use. Simply sweep the brush over the brows, starting at the inside corner of the brow (closest to the nose) and moving the applicator along the brow to the tip. You’ll usually only need one or two passes at most with an eyebrow shaping gel applicator brush.

You generally can’t feel eyebrow shaping gel after it’s dried. It shouldn’t feel particularly sticky, and it should dry clear. However since it is slightly wet when applied, you’ll want to put on eye and face makeup first, and use the gel as a final finishing touch. By using eyebrow shaping gel last, you can also use a tiny comb or brush over the eyebrows first to comb out any makeup or powder that may be stuck in the brows.


Due to the vast number of brands that market eyebrow shaping gel, you’ll note significant difference in ingredients. Look for those with simple ingredients, since the skin under the brows and near the eyes can be prone to irritation. There are a number of brands that are hypoallergenic, and if you are concerned about it, many are organic and may be cruelty-free (not tested on animals or made of animal products).

Especially when you’re in between waxes, plucking or trims, eyebrow shaping gel can help because it will keep individual hairs that are getting a little long from migrating out of place. Of course if you’re really in need of waxing, plucking or trimming, the gel can only do so much. It won’t work wonders but it can certainly calm down a few stray hairs.

Using eyebrow shaping gel does provide a finished look to the brows, keeps them in place, and it’s not just for women. The gel can also be a wonderful product for men. This is especially the case if men have longer brows that tend to stick out above the brow line


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Post 3

@ZipLine-- There probably is such a product. I just can't think of a brand right now. If you can find an all natural eyebrow gel with natural oils and vitamins, then it would fulfill both purposes. Most products used for eyebrow growth contain natural oils that nourish hair. Just make sure that the gel dries to a clear finish.

I personally use a tinted eyebrow shaping gel. It's actually called an eyebrow mascara. It's for coloring brows but it has a gel consistency so it also shapes brows and keeps hairs in place. I use this product instead of using an eyebrow pencil followed by an eyebrow gel. It's like a two-in-one product.

Post 2

Is there an eyebrow shaping gel that also helps eyebrows grow?

I need something to keep my eyebrows in the right shape, but if the product is also beneficial for brows and nourishes hairs, that would be great.

Post 1

My eyebrows are sparse in some areas but they do grow long and unruly otherwise. I've used a variety of different eyebrow products to overcome this problem but eyebrow shaping gel seems to work best. It keeps all the hairs where I want them and helps hide the sparse areas as well. I think this product is going to be in my makeup bag for many years to come.

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