What Is Eyebrow Shadow?

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Eyebrow shadow is a kind of eyebrow cosmetic designed to fill in sparse, light, or overly tweezed or plucked eyebrows. Similar to regular eyeshadow, eyebrow shadow is powdered. Yet, this powder typically is designed to better adhere to eyebrows than could a regular eyeshadow. Consumers can find eyebrow shadow at most locations where makeup is sold, including online and in-person retailers. Those users who are new to this type of makeup, however, might practice with inexpensive versions, or even traditional eye shadow, before purchasing specific eyebrow cosmetics.

Regarding appearance and application methods, eyebrow shadow is similar to regular eye shadow. It is a powdered cosmetic designed for application with a small sponge or brush. Often, people with especially thin eyebrows use eyebrow shadow to make their brows appear fuller and healthier. Some people, such as those with especially light-colored eyebrows, use the shadow to create more defined-looking brows or brows that better match their hair color. Sometimes, the shadow works to mask evidence of over-plucking or over-tweezing in a certain area of the eyebrow.


Using eyebrow shadow usually is not difficult. The user gathers a small amount of the shadow on a small flat-angled brush or sponge and gradually applies the shadow to clean, dry eyebrows until she achieves the desired look. Still, some people prefer to use other types of eyebrow cosmetics, such as eyebrow pencils. These pencils are similar to eyeliner pencils in appearance, function, and application. For some, especially those who cannot quite master shadow application, eyebrow pencils are less messy than powered shadow and the effects can last longer.

Most online and brick-and-mortar stores that sell cosmetics sell eyebrow shadow. Similarly, it is possible to find the shadow from both inexpensive and expensive cosmetics manufacturers and brands. Depending on the store, the brand and manufacturer, and the quality of the shadow, shoppers can expect to pay as little as $2 or $3 US Dollars (USD) or as high as $70 USD or more.

People who have never tried eyebrow cosmetics might feel safe buying one or two inexpensive shadows and pencils and experimenting with those before deciding on a color and makeup type. Some people skip eyebrow makeup altogether and opt to use traditional eyeshadow or eyeliner pencils. Although traditional eyeshadow and eyeliner are not designed to adhere to eyebrows, depending on the level of coverage the user seeks, they can work just as well as eyebrow shadow and pencils.


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Post 3

There are some eyebrow compacts that come with several different shade shadows and sometimes highlighters too. What's the point of this?

Isn't only one shade used for the entire brow? Do the other shades and highlighters go above and below the brow?

I have really sparse, thin brows. I want to learn how to define them and make them look fuller and nicer. But I have no idea how. I'm thinking of getting one of these eyebrow shadow compacts. I wonder if it will come with directions on how to apply.

Has anyone used one of these compacts before?

Post 2

I've tried different kinds of eyebrow products. I've tried eyebrow pencils, gels and shadows. I think shadows are the best because they look so natural.

When I use a pencil or gel, my eyebrows are too visible. It's obvious that I drew it on. But when I use eyebrow shadow, I get compliments on how great my eyebrows are. No one can even tell that I have it on. I prefer being complemented on my face features rather than being complemented on my makeup.

Post 1

How many of you use regular eye shadow as eyebrow shadow all the time?

I always do! I personally don't see any difference between an eyebrow shadow and an eye shadow. It's kind of a waste of money to get a separate shadow for your brows as long as you have the right color.

I know that eyebrow shadows usually claim to adhere better and stay longer on the brows. But you can achieve the same results by using a makeup fixing spray on your face after doing your brows. I do always apply shadow to my eyebrows with an eyebrow brush though. I don't ever use a regular shadow brush because it's not right for it. I tried once and it was very messy and I didn't get much precision with it.

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