What Is Eyebrow Correction?

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During an eyebrow correction, an individual who has undergone a permanent cosmetics procedure on his or her eyebrows works with a specialist to correct problems with the brows' color, shape, or appearance. The process of eyebrow correction typically involves the use of different dye colors as well as artistic techniques on the part of the eyebrow specialist who corrects the original tattoo work. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove a very badly done eyebrow tattoo using a laser procedure before further attempts at eyebrow correction can take place. While it is also possible to get an eyebrow transplant, another permanent solution to sparse or missing brows, many people cannot afford a transplant procedure and consequently choose the less expensive tattooing process.

Many people with sparse or nonexistent brows turn to permanent cosmetic procedures for the purpose of normalizing or enhancing their appearance. A permanent makeup procedure is actually cosmetic tattooing, in which tattoo equipment and inks are used to line or add color to lips, eyelids, and eyebrows. Some jurisdictions have extensive laws that govern this practice, while in other places there are no laws requiring those who offer permanent cosmetic services to undergo any type of professional training or licensing. As with any type of procedure, there are situations in which a practitioner of eyebrow tattooing may use inappropriate inks or techniques that result in an unattractive look for a client.


Some permanent cosmetic technicians now specialize in eyebrow correction for those who are unhappy with the work done for them by others. The nature of each eyebrow correction will vary according to the condition of an individual's eyebrow tattoos. In some cases, the eyebrow correction specialist may be able to use different pigments in order to address problems with odd color changes that can sometimes result from an initial bad match between pigment choice and client. In other cases, the specialist may use different tattooing techniques to give a more natural look. For example, some permanent makeup artists now draw many different lines that look like natural hairs on the brow rather than simply using one flat color.

Eyebrow correction may also be a form of eyebrow renewal. Over time, eyebrow tattoos do fade, so it is essential that those who wish to keep the look of their brows periodically revisit a permanent cosmetics specialist to rejuvenate their color. At that time, it may also be possible to change the look of the eyebrows to create a more contemporary, modern look.


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Post 3

I have a friend who got an eyebrow transplant a few years ago. She had lost her eyebrows because of a health problem and they never grew back. The transplant involved taking hairs from the scalp and transplanting them to the face as eyebrows. It did cost her some money but she says it's well worth it. She has full eyebrows now and they look very nice. No one can tell that she had an eyebrow transplant.

Apparently, the only downside is that these brows require a little more maintenance as they grow long unlike natural eyebrows. Regardless, it seems like eyebrow transplants are the best correction method for people with sparse eyebrows.

Post 2

Eyebrow tattoos actually fade a little over time. Mine faded a lot and I had to get a touch-up to correct it. The color had become too light for my hair color. I'm not sure if it was because of the type of dye that was used the first time.

Post 1

I recommend anyone considering an eyebrow tattoo to think again and again before going through with this procedure. A tattoo is permanent and the only way to remove it is with laser removal and that's fairly painful. And multiple laser treatments may be necessary.

Although some eyebrow tattoos turn out great and some people are very satisfied with them, there is no guarantee. It's not possible to know how the end result will look exactly. Of course, the more professional and experienced the tattoo artists, the lower the risks of things going wrong or looking bad. But this is still a decision that needs to be re-considered in my opinion.

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