What Is Expanding Metal?

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Also known as expanded metal, expanding metal is any type of metal stock that is capable of expansion in reaction to different climate changes. This ability to expand makes it ideal for a number of functions and also helps to reduce wear and tear on the components made with this type of metal configuration. Expanding metal can be used to create a number of different types of objects, including metal grates, wall art, furniture and other pieces in which the ability to respond to climate changes helps to protect the integrity of the finished piece.

One of the more common examples of this type of metal product is known as expanding metal sheets. These sheets can be scored and stripped to create perforated designs that are in turn used in the creation of a number of different metal products. This approach can be used to create the mesh-like design often found with outdoor furniture made completely or partially with metal components. This same technique can also be used to create large panels for use as wall art, room dividers, and similar metal products that are both functional and decorative. While expanding metal is capable of expanding and retracting when exposed to different weather conditions, it is very durable, making it ideal for use in many different products.


Expanding metal can also be used to add strength to a number of construction projects. By including sheets or even strips of the metal in masonry work, it can aid in preserving the integrity of the masonry over long periods of time. This same approach can be used to provide additional strength to plaster and other types of concrete structures. When used to create perforated or diamond-shaped meshing, expanding metal can be used effectively to create cages or other enclosures that are ideal for use for everything from kennel spaces for animals to secure storage areas for various types of supplies. One of the benefits of constructing these types of enclosures with expanding metal is that the free circulation of air is possible, as well as allowing an increased level of visibility.

A number of other applications for expanding metal are employed today. These include the creation of fencing that is both decorative and durable. The metal may be used in the manufacture of grills that are suitable for outdoor use as well as various forms of indoor cooking equipment. Many companies make use of expanding metal to create a wide range of goods available to both individual consumers and business operations, making this type of metal one of the most versatile classes of materials in use today.


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