What is Event Management?

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In the last 10 to 15 years, there has been enormous growth in the event management business. This is a way of outsourcing occasions that are either business, social or a combination of the two. Events can be as diverse as weddings to political rallies, and for any business meeting or social occasion that someone can think up, an event management team can be called in to organize it.

Almost $500 billion US Dollars (USD) are spent annually on planned events around the world. It is often no longer enough to have a small catering team supplying food at business events and someone in house to organize everything. Companies that want their events to be successful and look impressive to potential clients often get the best results by looking to outside professionals.

The range of events that an event management business can supply is impressive. They can arrange events for a small group of people or huge events with around 5,000 people attending. Most businesses contact a management team because their expertise in the field should be second to none. Planning an event is a time consuming and stressful affair; it is also a costly one. Professional teams have contacts within their field in order to get the best price quotes and the most reliable service.


A company that is holding an event for 5,000 people that will last all day may think that catering is the most stressful thing to deal with, but must also consider accommodation and entertainment for the guests. Staff for the event must be hired, the room size where the event is being held must be determined, seating arrangements need to be arranged and, of course, the budget for the event must be established. These are all factors that a professional event management team will have first hand knowledge of.

No matter what the type or size, if the event is an important one, people should consider contacting a professional team. They can deal with conferences, award ceremonies, product launches, gala diners and corporate activity days, to name a few. People who are considering hiring outside help with an event should ask what their qualifications are, and then ask for examples of previous events they have managed.

For businesses, word of mouth is one of the most reliable forms of reference. Someone who has recently attended a successful event or wedding might want to ask about the team that planned it. Event planners are experts at keeping staff happy and impressed, and they will also give the impression that the business they work for is flourishing and professional. A flourishing business is one of the most impressive incentives to a potential investor. An event management team may cost money, but it may also make a company money in the future.


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Post 42

I want to venture into event management. I've planned some events before, like a dinner. I already have a wedding I'm planning. I just need some guidelines that would help me plan this wedding well and events generally.

Post 40

I am studying events management and need an explanation on strategic events growth. I don't exactly understand the explanation in the book. Please help!

Post 38

I'm also interested in the event management business and will like to know more about it and what it takes to start up one. --Abu

Post 37

I'm from Chennai. My job experience is into marketing. But I am looking to know whether event management is a business one can start with a lower budget. And I am not a person with experience in event management. Could anyone give me valuable suggestions?

Post 32

I have no clue of what becoming an Events Manager really means. I want to start it up as my private business but I have not the slightest knowledge of the whole business. can somebody out there give some help to a brother.

Post 29

I am a Zambian who worked with various NGO but i think my passion is with events management and image building. which is the best institution i can study from and what are some of the basics because i want to start a company now and apply what I am learning.

Post 27

i am studying social work and doing my second year. i would like to open my own event organising company and i don't have any experience. can you please give me tips on how run this kind of business and what to expect.

Post 24

I just read this article on event management. I am into this kind of project in Nigeria. Can you please advise me on how to build and showcase the business better to people so as to make it a success story. Thank you. Josephine J.

Post 21

I am a student from baroda, India. I study in 12th and I want to do post graduation in event management and before that I will do a B.A. with english literature. Is it a good option?

Post 20

I am working as an event manager in a leading business association and looking forward to sharing and learning from any experienced event managers.

Post 19

i am a business student and we are in a hotel for a task and it is promoting the hotel for tourism. It It is a five-star hotel and we are to organize an event management on promotion of this hotel to promote tourism.

so I just want to say i just need more plans and strategies to promote the hotel to increase the inflow of tourism in this hotel. i hope i will be helped.

Post 16

Please how can i market my product/biz idea in a competitive environment? could you give me some tips on feasibility report on event management? Thank you.

Post 14

What is the source for the 500 billion USD spent annually on planned events?

Post 13

I finished my and started as a promoter in 2007. Now I am working as a manpower vendor for

some event management company and also working with

event management company. how can i start an event management company?

Post 12

I am working as an event manager in a leading business association and looking forward to share and learn from any experienced event managers.

Everyone is welcome.

Post 11

i'm completely unfamiliar with the words event management. Can you guide me through and are 12 pass candidates eligible for the job? Though i have three years' experience in bpo organization.

Post 9

I am running a bar and restaurant. now i am planning to do event management. can you tell me the details regarding this and can i run this management based on my present business?

Post 7

I am Azhar. i want to start my own company. I have a bachelor of business administration degree, so please suggest to me what type of company will grow fast in a short span of time and also tell me how to start an event management company. Thank you.

Post 6

I am a student of engineering and started as a promoter in 2005. Now I am working as a manpower vendor for corporate events.

Post 5

Hi, I am organizing a beauty pageant for small kids and need funding. I need to write a business profile for the possible sponsors but do not know how. please help me. Thank you.

Miss Nthunya

Post 4

Hello, I am opening an event production company in Costa Rica. Can it be possible to give more advice and suggestions on how I can build this business successfully. Thanks-- Andrea Rojas

Post 1

Hi, I have just read the article on Event Management. I am starting a Project that will involve this topic. I wonder would you be able give me some more links for information on the Event Management Industry, also I need some info on this industry in Ireland.

Thanking you for your attention,

Jucemara Belli

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