What is Event Correlation?

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Event correlation is a way of analyzing and overseeing events and log-ins conducted during computer sessions. This activity monitoring is crucial in computer security. It can also identify operational errors and defects that may hinder computer performance. This is also sometimes referred to as incident management.

It is especially useful or essential for businesses to use some type of issue-tracking system with their computer networks. Problem management has become necessary as computer networks have become common. This is a fundamental root cause analysis system that may indicate suspicious activities.

In addition to helping keep track of security issues, event correlation may provide a way to pinpoint errors and other hardware issues. This may indicate how computer operating systems are performing and how certain events have a direct impact on the function of computer operation. As a further step in event correlation, servers that are used on a daily basis keep an ongoing record of activities. This data can be examined later to help locate issues with a system or network.

Computer security such as a firewall program may also be an effective component of event correlation. If the firewall detector detects suspicious computer activity or traffic, an account of such activity will be noted. Firewalls also block suspicious activity or intruders from gaining access to a computer.


Event correlation as a management program can be an effective way for networks to run more efficiently. Event correlation programs are an automated way to prevent revenue loss and protect against security threats. Because these functions are performed by machines, a company can devote less manpower to monitoring issues.

Log records in a correlation program may also filter and subsequently archive reports of incidents. The downside to event correlation, however, is this type of monitoring system takes a good deal of knowledge to decipher. Log analysis plays an integral role in the process as well.

There are several steps in the process of correlating events. The entire process of event correlation is typically broken down into several organizational prompts. The first measure will typically state the time the event occurred. The next command will attempt to ascertain the description of the event itself. The server will also be listed. Any programs and applications that may have been modified will also be noted.


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