What is EVDO Broadband?

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EVDO broadband is an acronym that stands for Evolution Data Only or Evolution Data Optimized. It provides wireless Internet access, similar to a WiFi network. EVDO broadband differs from traditional broadband, however, because it is not built on a complex web of wires. It transmits data through the air and is considered to be a completely wireless network.

Since EVDO broadband is wireless, it is available anywhere a cellular signal is available and EVDO service is offered. There is no need for WiFi or the presence of a wired Internet connection. With EVDO broadband, an Internet user can take an EVDO-equipped laptop or device anywhere and have instant access to an Internet network over-the-air. Instead of looking for wireless hot spots, an EVDO user essentially creates his or her own hot spot.

Internet users must subscribe to an EVDO account in order to have access to the EVDO network. EVDO accounts are currently offered in the United States through several cellular telephone service providers, including Verizon Wireless, All-Tell Wireless, and Sprint PCS. There is a monthly service fee associated with having an EVDO account. The fee varies depending on how much data an Internet user intends to transmit over the EVDO broadband account throughout the month.


EVDO broadband carries out downloads at speeds of anywhere between 600 kbps and 1.4 mbps. Theoretically, EVDO broadband can reach speeds of up to 2 mbps although this has not been demonstrated. Standard download speed over a high-speed wireless network is 100-128 kbps as of 2009, so EVDO broadband provides a noticeable difference in speed. This difference in speed exists, in part, because EVDO eliminates the problem of limited bandwidth associated with traditional wireless and WiFi networks.

Perhaps the best indicator of its efficiency and speed is that at live demos, EVDO broadband enabled downloads on a laptop in a car traveling at 60 mph. Better still, Qualcomm demonstrated that EVDO broadband on a mobile phone could operate in a super fast train traveling in excess of 2.5 miles per minute. By working seamlessly through air, EVDO broadband eliminates the rush of traffic that bandwidth cannot at times cope with, providing seamless all-the-time access no matter where a user is located.

EVDO broadband works on the same CDMA technology as standard WiFi and Cellular signals, but it is much more advanced. It is being touted as third generation (3G) technology because of all of the advancements in connectivity and speed. An EVDO-equipped device or EVDO modem is required to access the EVDO network.


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How does EVDO knows what speed it should give to the handset?

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I have Sprint PCS EVDO. It's not as good as wired broadband. For example, I can't watch streaming video without interruption on my Sprint EVDO, but it is very nice to have internet access wherever I go, even if that's limited to less bit intensive internet work. I have wired broadband at home and wireless broadband for the road. It costs a lot but for my work, I need it.

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