What is Eustoma?

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Eustoma is a biennial plant and it belongs to the gentianaceae family of plants. It can be found naturally in warmer climates and it is native to the Caribbean, Mexico, and southern parts of the United States. These plants can be used to accent a garden area but many gardeners choose to clip off the flowers the plant produces and use them in flower arrangements. The eustoma can also be used as a potted plant and can be grown indoors. This plant is considered a low-maintenance herb and it is tolerant of excessive heat and humidity.

The leaves that are seen on the eustoma plant are oval shaped and long and they have a pointed tip. They are typically a bright green with deep veins that appear on the surface. This plant has longer, strong stems and the blooms will appear on top and on the sides of these stems. A softer outer skin is seen on the stems, which is light green to yellow in color.

Blooms that appear on the eustoma plant are brightly colored and they can have an all-over solid color or they can also have a color mix. The colors include white, cream, pink, or a deep blue-violet. When there is a color mix, the flower will be mainly white and the tips of the petals and the center of the flower can be a rich purple or mauve color. A eustoma flower does not have a fragrance.


Petals of the flower are similar to a rose. These flowers are tunnel shaped and the petals are thicker and have a square shaped tip. The blooms appear in early summer and the plant can continue to produce flowers into early fall.

This plant can grow to reach 18 inches in height (around 35 cm). Eustoma thrives in hot direct sunlight but it can also be placed in an area that receives a small amount of shade. It is a tropical plant, which means that it cannot handle cooler temperatures or climates. The plant will not survive in temperatures that go below 40 degrees (around four C).

The eustoma plant can attract birds and certain insects to the garden area because of the colorful blooms. There can be problems with mold and fungus if this plant is over watered. Insect infestation can damage the eustoma plant but they can be controlled by using a pesticide.


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