What Is Essence of Chicken?

Marjorie McAtee

Essence of chicken is a type of liquid nutritional supplement that is generally derived from cooking whole chickens down into a liquid. Any animal fats are generally removed in order to produce a nutritional supplement that contains little or no cholesterol. It is said to support health, promote healing, increase metabolism, and relieve fatigue. This supplement is said to have its origins in the kitchens of England's King George IV. Cooks there are said to have concocted the mixture as a way to help the king improve his flagging health.

A chicken.
A chicken.

Manufacturers often stress that essence of chicken is not the same thing as chicken broth or chicken soup. Some have described this liquid nutritional supplement as a highly concentrated version of chicken broth. It doesn't necessarily have a strong chicken flavor, and many users report that it is largely tasteless or that it has a bitter taste.

Manufacturers claim essence of chicken is much more nutritious than chicken soup.
Manufacturers claim essence of chicken is much more nutritious than chicken soup.

Essence of chicken is believed to provide all the same nutrients found in chicken or chicken soup. Manufacturers typically stress that a serving can provide up to three times as many nutrients as a serving of chicken soup or a normal serving of chicken meat. Fats and cholesterol are typically removed from the supplement, so it is generally considered safe for people suffering from heart problems and high blood cholesterol.

Most essence of chicken supplements are manufactured without added preservatives, chemicals, or flavorings. Stimulants, such as caffeine, generally aren't included in the ingredients of this product. It is, however, sometimes combined with ginseng and other liquid supplements, which may have a stimulant effect.

These combination supplements are said to bring even more health benefits than essence of chicken alone. Ordinary, pure essence is not believed to have any negative side effects. It is not documented to adversely affect sleep and it is not habit-forming.

Essence of chicken is generally considered a nutritional supplement, not a medication, so there is no standard recommended dose. Most people who use it consume it as needed, according to their own preferences. Some people use this supplement every day, while others may use it just once a week, or even less often.

Pure essence is not believed to adversely affect sleep or have any other side effects.
Pure essence is not believed to adversely affect sleep or have any other side effects.

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@Melonlity -- Hold on before celebrating mom's advice too much. This is a nutritional supplement, after all, but how much testing has gone into proving its value? Probably not a whole lot.

Don't worry, though. Like a lot of nutritional supplements, anecdotal evidence is good enough to prove that something works. I would like to hear from some people who have tried this to hear them talk about the chicken essence benefits they have received.


So, mom was right? That old chicken soup recipe she swore would make you healthy does have some real, nutritional benefits? Yes, I know that essence of chicken is a more concentrated form of chicken soup (in a way, at least), but the idea is the same.

I am sure mom feels great to be vindicated, huh?

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