What Is Erotic Hypnosis?

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Erotic hypnosis is a form of conversational hypnosis in which a practitioner places another person into a deep trance, often called a hypnotic state. Once in that state, the practitioner can place hypnotic suggestions into the subconscious of the person, often including certain sexual instructions and triggers. There is a great deal of debate over whether these methods actually work, or if it is merely a powerful suggestion that fools a person into believing he or she is experiencing something that is not legitimate. Erotic hypnosis is used for enhancing sexual pleasure or providing therapeutic assistance.

The effectiveness of erotic hypnosis is typically a somewhat disputed point among psychological and therapeutic professionals. This is basically a specific form of conversational hypnosis, in which a person is placed into a deep trance state through the words a hypnotist speaks to him or her. Once in this state, hypnotists argue, suggestions can be placed into the subconscious of the hypnotized subject, ranging from “The smell of cigarette smoke will make you feel nauseous” to “You will feel satisfied after eating a smaller portion of food.” This same type of approach is used in erotic hypnosis, but such suggestions are generally sexual in nature.


There are both entertainment and therapeutic uses for erotic hypnosis, though the entertainment purposes are more common. In general, this type of show involves a hypnotist requesting volunteers from an audience, who are then placed into a deep hypnotic state. Once in this state, the hypnotist plants sexual suggestions into the volunteers' subconscious and then brings them out of the hypnosis. Erotic hypnosis for entertainment purposes then involves the hypnotist using those suggestions to verbally give the volunteers sexual pleasure.

For therapeutic purposes, erotic hypnosis can be used to help someone with sexual trauma or issues. Someone who is unable to feel sexual pleasure, for example due to psychological issues, may be able to use erotic hypnosis to help him or her get past these issues. The effectiveness of such therapy, like all hypnotic treatment, is debated by many psychological professionals. Many forms of hypnosis are used to help a person deal with a variety of phobias, and an erotic hypnotist could potentially help someone who has a fear of sex or experiences panic and distress at the thought of certain sexual practices.


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