What is Environmental Waste?

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"Environmental waste" is a term used to describe solid waste. When materials have outlived their useful lives or they are no longer wanted, these materials are removed from service and become solid waste. In a broad sense of the word, waste can refer to commercial waste from businesses, the industrial waste produced by factories or the waste created by private individuals in their own homes. In common terms, this type of waste is usually referred to as garbage, trash or rubbish.

Without proper management, this waste can present a serious threat to the environment in the form of pollution. When managed and disposed of properly, however, this waste does not seriously threaten the ecosystem. Waste management is necessary to prevent ecological disasters as a result of pollution caused by mismanaged waste disposal.

A certain amount of waste is unavoidable during the daily functions of people and businesses, but limiting environmental waste and the management of necessary waste has become a major concern for many people. The governments of many countries have enacted legislation regarding proper environmental waste disposal to reduce pollution created by the improper disposal of waste. On a local level, the governments of cities often hire environmental waste services to handle waste disposal for their community.


In addition to hiring services to dispose of waste properly, many local governments and industries also employ environmental waste consultants to create innovative, financially sound ways to reduce the waste produced by their community or operation. These consultants create environmental waste solutions, such as recycling and re-use efforts, to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfills or otherwise disposed of. Consultants also work with waste management services to determine proper disposal methods and quantities to meet the local communities' waste disposal needs without damaging the environment.

In an effort to control waste and environmental damage, many unique solutions have been created. Landfills are a common waste management solution in many parts of the world. In some areas, electrical power is generated using solid waste from communities to fuel incinerators in power plants. In addition to usefulness as fuel for the creation of electricity, the solid waste products of some industries are usable by other industries.

Many private individuals also have developed ecologically sound lifestyles and have chosen to "go green." This is a trendy phrase that means that the individual is making a conscious decision to reduce his or her own waste and its negative effects on the environment. On the individual level, these decisions usually include reduction, recycling and re-use efforts.


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