What is Enterprise Feedback Management?

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Enterprise feedback management (EFM) is the collective term used to identify strategies that make it possible to create and manage surveys with more efficiency. Unlike other methods of survey creation, the software utilized in this approach requires the issuance of a series of authorizations and permissions throughout the process. The end result is surveys that can be used to gather business intelligence that can analyzed and distributed throughout the operation, which in turn helps strengthen all departments and divisions of the business,

With enterprise feedback management that is aimed at gathering information on customer satisfaction, the process will often begin by engaging specific departments within the organization to prepare a customer survey that is easy to understand. At the same time, the survey must be capable of triggering pointed responses that can be evaluated and arranged into some type of useful format. As part of the process, survey authors are selected from every relevant area of the business operation, and tasked with helping to assemble the survey that ultimately is placed in front of customers. A unique checks and balances system inherent in the EFM software requires that each portion of the survey be approved by someone other than the original author. This step helps to minimize redundancy in the survey and keep the overall flow of the document logical and easily understood by the customer.


Along with engaging the process of creating the survey, enterprise feedback management software also provides tools that can be used to analyze the results of the survey project. As the responses are received, the data is entered into the system, which organizes, qualifies, and tabulates the cumulative results. This approach saves a great deal of time in obtaining useful data from the survey, while also limiting the degree of subjectivity that can impact those results. Ideally, the customer intelligence gathered and organized will result in data that helps identify where customer relations are strong, and where the company needs to make some improvements in order to increase overall customer satisfaction.

In addition to improving the efficiency of the data gathering process and aiding in organizing that data into some type of useful format, enterprise feedback management is also a more cost effective approach than other approaches to customer surveys. EFM reduces the amount of time spend in evaluating and arranging the data, which in turn reduces the expenses of conducting the survey. When coupled with the potential for increasing customer loyalty and increasing sales, the value of enterprise feedback management quickly becomes apparent.


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