What Is Entabeni Game Reserve?

Amber Eberle

The Entabeni Game reserve is a privately owned game park located in South Africa. It is located in the northern part of the country, within the Waterberg Biosphere. The landscape within the Entabeni Game Reserve is very diverse and is home to a wide variety of animals and plant species.

Entabeni Game Reserve is located in South Africa.
Entabeni Game Reserve is located in South Africa.

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has designated the Waterberg Biosphere as a World Heritage site, and the Entabeni Game Reserve is located in the middle of this area. The reserve covers 97 square miles( 250 square km) of land and is a three-hour drive north of Johannesburg. The climate is moderate, with a summer rainy season, and the reserve is open year-round to visitors. There is not a large population of mosquitoes in the Entabeni Game Reserve, and the area is considered a malaria-free zone, which makes anti-malarial medication unnecessary for visitors to the reserve.

Lions may be found at Entabeni Game Reserve.
Lions may be found at Entabeni Game Reserve.

There are five unique eco-systems within the Entabeni Game Reserve. These include sandy wetlands, savannah, wooded hills, bushveld, and ravines. The upper escarpment is mainly grassy savannah with large rock formations. The lower plateau lies approximately 1,970 feet(600 m) below the savannah and consists mainly of sandy wetlands. The upper and lower areas of the reserve are separated by sheer cliffs.

There are five distinct ecosystems within the Entabeni Game Reserve.
There are five distinct ecosystems within the Entabeni Game Reserve.

Throughout history the area that makes up the Entabeni Game Reserve was home to a large number of different animal species. During the 20th century, the animal population dropped due to hunting and because cattle farms were built in the area. Since the land has been protected, the animal population has thrived and many areas of the reserve have been restocked with native animals. The reserve is once again home to elephants, lions, giraffe, impala as well as others. There are also a number of bird species that live in the reserve.

Giraffes live in the Entabeni Game Reserve.
Giraffes live in the Entabeni Game Reserve.

Compared to other small game reserves in South Africa, the Entabeni Game Reserve has a strong tourism infrastructure in place. There are several game lodges, ranging from moderate to luxurious, located within the reserve. These generally offer visitors a unique safari experience. Guided game drives and walks are typically available, which can offer visitors many opportunities to view wildlife. The reserve also offers several amenities and activities that are not common in South African game reserves, such as helicopter tours, horseback rides, sunset lake cruises, stargazing at an observatory, and a chance to visit the village of a local tribe of people.

The Entabeni game reserve offers use of an observatory to visitors.
The Entabeni game reserve offers use of an observatory to visitors.

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@SarahSon - Yes, the number of accommodations to choose from is almost overwhelming. The Entabeni Game Reserve is one place I would love to visit, and have actually spent time browsing some of the travel sites looking at all the different choices.

Some people might like a rustic setting, but I think I would go for as much luxury as I could afford. You also have a lot of choices as far as staying in a place that has a lot of guests, or something much smaller.

While I was there I would also like to take the opportunity to visit a local tribe of people. I think the Entabeni Game Reserve offers so many options for someone traveling to South Africa. Of all the places I have thought about going on a safari, this is the one I would choose first.


@SarahSon - You can go on an African safari just about any time of the year, but their summer months can get pretty hot. Their summer is from November through March and it can easily get over 100 degrees.

I have been fortunate enough to visit the Entabeni Game Reserve, and it is every bit as beautiful and exciting as you imagine it would be.

I think the best time to visit would be from June through September when the weather is a little cooler and drier.

This was definitely a trip that I will never forget, and it flew by much faster than I was hoping it would.


@Mykol - I think going on an African safari would be a once-in-a-lifetime trip. From what I have seen, they are quite expensive, so I probably would only have one chance to go.

When is the best time of the year to plan a trip like this. I imagine the summer time in South Africa would be pretty hot. I also wonder how cold it gets in the winter, and if there is a time of year that is better to see the animals.

Some of the accommodations also sound wonderful. I have heard you can choose from rustic to luxurious and just about anything in the middle.


For years we have planned on going on an African safari, and when my husband retires, this is the first trip on our list.

One of the biggest things that interests me in the Entabeni Game Reserve is that it is a malaria-free zone.

For most people traveling to Africa, this is a big concern. I had a friend who went to Africa on a trip, and she had to have shots, and make sure she slept under netting at night.

Being able to go on a safari like this without worrying about all the mosquitoes, is a huge plus in my book.

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