What is Energy Management?

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Energy management is a form of energy conservation that seeks to identify and make use of various types of energy sources with the greatest degree of efficiency. In many cases, a particular approach will focus on not only using the least amount of energy for the most return, but also on utilizing energy sources that are considered beneficial for the environment. Individuals, businesses, and municipalities can apply this general concept in a number of ways.

For individuals who are building a new home, the selection of energy sources is a key element of effective energy management. Along with incorporating access to traditional sources such as the local power grid and gas lines, the homeowner may also opt for the inclusion of a solar energy system or even a wind energy generator. The use of these alternative energy sources helps to minimize the use of traditional sources by using these easily renewable sources when and as possible. As a result, the homeowner saves money and also decreases the demand on traditional utilities.


Homeowners can also practice sound energy management by paying close attention to the design of the home. Windows should be strategically placed to make the most efficient use of natural light, as well as supply cross currents during the warmer months of the year. At the same time, stripping around doors and windows should be very tight, and the insulation used in the walls, floors, and ceilings should be capable of retaining the indoor atmosphere without allowing seepage to the outside. These simple precautions help to reduce the consumption of all forms of energy used to heat and cool the home.

Businesses and government buildings can employ these same strategies as part of their energy management programs. By making sure the building is tight, there are no small cracks or openings that allow heat and cold to escape from the building, and situating windows to make the best use of natural light, it is possible to greatly reduce energy consumption as well as practice effective cost management. In addition, using a hybrid energy system that includes the use of both alternative and traditional sources make it easier to save money while also doing something good for the planet.

Whether you are involved in a new building project, or refurbishing an existing structure, there are ways to incorporate sound energy management into the project. Energy consultants can help identify methods and strategies that are ideal for your type of building, as well as for the climate in your locality. Consultants of this type are sometimes provided as a service of local utility companies; it is also possible to hire private consultants for a fee.


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