What is Energy Efficiency?

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Energy efficiency has become a common goal throughout the world in an attempt to lower environmental pollution and decrease the amount of resources used for maintaining a level of basic living that has become expected in order to be comfortable. Even though various companies will give numerous definitions of what it means, the bottom line is that it is the reduction of energy used in appliances and household goods that offers the same level of performance that is expected. Some examples are energy-reducing washers and driers, water heaters that use less gas and light bulbs that require less power but provide the same amount of light. Energy efficiency is a combination of various aspects within daily living that can decrease the energy used while still allowing the same benefits.

The most common way for people to raise energy efficiency is by getting rid of old appliances and using newer models that work better and faster than most older models. The majority of retail and home improvement stores offer various types and brands of appliances that require less energy and resources to run but offer the same — or even better — performance. Energy-efficient washers and toilets use less water, electric furnaces use less power, and hot water heaters store hot water longer without having to have a burner on throughout the day.


The easiest way for people to raise energy efficiency is to change the light bulbs that are used throughout their homes or businesses. Basic light bulbs use a substantial amount of energy to provide a specific level of light, so changing them out is very beneficial. Energy-saving light bulbs offer the same amount of light with a dramatic decrease in energy needed. Substituting basic light bulbs for energy-efficient styles will increase the energy efficiency of the home or business.

Many people consider energy efficiency to be an aspect of daily living that needs to be addressed by everyone, including big corporations and governments. It is a simple task to convert normal living conditions to a life of being energy efficient, and even though the initial cost might be slightly more, the money saved in the end can be worth the investment for many people. Raising energy efficiency throughout the world not only decreases the amount of energy used, it also can help lessen the impact that people have on the Earth.


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