What is Endermologie?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Endermologie is a non-invasive technique for reducing the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite often shows up as dimpling on the skin, sometimes called the cottage cheese look, even in those who are fit. The look of cellulite does not necessary diminish with weight loss and liposuction fails to address this top layer of fat under the skin.

Endermologie is a technique to reduce cellulite.
Endermologie is a technique to reduce cellulite.

French plastic surgeons developed this techniques, but the process is now patented in the US as well. Endermologie uses rollers that often feel like deep tissue massage over problem areas of the skin. At the same time, suction is used to redistribute the skin and remove dimpling. Those opting for the treatment usually need between 14 and 28 sessions of about 45 minutes each to see results and must also have monthly treatments afterwards to maintain the smooth skin look.

If treatment is not regularly sought, endermologie does not permanently reduce the dimpling effect of cellulite.
If treatment is not regularly sought, endermologie does not permanently reduce the dimpling effect of cellulite.

Endermologie works best on candidates who are fit and who are usually between the ages of 30 to 45. Those who do not regularly exercise may see only temporary results, and those who are more than 30 pounds (13.60 kg) overweight tend not to benefit from the procedure. Beyond regular exercise, drinking water on the day of procedures helps yield a better result. Medical professionals frequently ask patients to drink eight glasses of water prior to the procedure and to maintain this habit daily afterwards.

Patients about to undergo endermologie are usually encouraged to drink plenty of water first.
Patients about to undergo endermologie are usually encouraged to drink plenty of water first.

Side effects are minimal and may involve bruising or soreness in the areas treated. Many patients like the feel of the procedure and find this temporary soreness a small price to pay. Those who are extremely sensitive to pain may find the pressure exerted by rollers very uncomfortable.

Bruising is one symptom of endermologie.
Bruising is one symptom of endermologie.

The price of endermologie, when adding up all sessions, is somewhat comparable to one session of liposuction; although individual treatments are less expensive, at least 14 are usually needed. Those needing more treatments may ultimately pay more than a single liposuction session. Proponents feel the procedure is still economically sound, and since it addresses an area that liposuction tends not to resolve, it is an excellent treatment. Since the procedure is cosmetic, it usually is not covered by health insurance.

If a person does not maintain monthly maintenance sessions, however, this procedure will not permanently reduce the dimpled effect of cellulite. The effect is temporary and must be maintained. Those who do not plan to maintain the look may waste their money on initial sessions because the cellulite, in reality, is not gone and will come back.

Someone who's more than 30 pounds overweight may not benefit from endermologie.
Someone who's more than 30 pounds overweight may not benefit from endermologie.
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

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I just trained with Gretchen in Ca. She is a phenomenal teacher! I learned so much. -- Dolores R.


I'm getting certified this month or next month! Can't wait! I have been using my own machine on myself and neighbor for years! But if you think you can do Endermologie and not exercise and eat whatever you want, you're wrong!


I'm in the Orlando area, and I just started the treatments (on my second one) and the lady does wonders. I can actually feel the balls (fat) while she does it. I'm really looking forward to finish the 10 sessions. The price is really fair.


Anyone know the prerequisite for becoming certified?


Thanks for this informative article. I would like to mention IACSAM for providing Liposuction Training with board certification. They provide cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine courses in India.


Gretchen Givone was trained by LPG as a Certified Pro Trainer in France and is providing training in the US! She is excellent and has great reviews. I went to her course in Utah and the other girl I was being trained with lost eight pounds the three days that she was there! She teaches you how to get the best results because she knows how to do it herself. Best of luck to everyone.


Where can I find lpg in riyadh?


Where can I get certified if I just bought equipment from someone other than LPG? Preferably in Texas or Nevada.


If you're seeking a solution to effectively treat cellulite naturally, then I recommend trying a qualified massage therapist that is trained to meticulously treat the body fascia.

Cellulite gets trapped in the fascia when its unhealthy and restricted. One of the extra bonuses of regular advanced massage therapy is that it will dramatically reduce even eliminate cellulite by specifically releasing the restricted areas in the fascia so the body can then distribute and dissolve fat.

I am a registered massage therapist and I assess and treat the fascia before I treat muscles and joints in order to bring about faster, better and longer lasting results. Pamela R., RMT


I bought my LPG Endermologie machine from someone that was closing. We were able to get certified in Florida. I have been using endermologie for about five years now on myself and others and have never seen benign cysts appear like described above.

I tell my clients to drink plenty of water all the time and usually have them do between 12-14 sessions before we start doing them once a month. I can tell a difference in the ones who continue to exercise and drink water verses the ones that go back to their sodas and junk food. They still have results, but not like the ones taking care of themselves.

Every single person is different in their response to treatment. Some notice right away, others take quite a few treatments. It depends on hormones, smoking and all kinds of factors.

This machine has been a little miracle worker on sports injuries. We usually get someone back in a game in 1/2 the amount of time a doctor can because of how the device clears out the cells of fluid accumulation and allows it to heal.


I have been working with LPG (Riyadh,K.S.A.) for almost 11 years. how could i request for a certification?


Does any one know how to get certified in WI?


I received endermologie treatments several years ago. Now I have numerous benign cysts in my thighs where the treatments were done. Any way to get rid of these numerous cysts?


I just had liposuction on my hips on March. The skin on my hips became lumpy. If I use endermologie treatment, are the lumps going to go away? should i also combine it with massages to the area for better or faster smoothness of the skin?


how do i get certified in endomology? are there any certified courses in india?


I just started endermology for loose skin around my stomach. I don't have a lot of fat around my waist, but after my second treatment, the same day I had stomach ache for the several hours. I did not realize first that it maybe caused by the endermologie I had that day. Could you tell me if this is a normal reaction of the treatment?


Hello, I just started endermologie therapy this week and i just finished my second treatment. i suffer from fibromyalgia, and you talk about *pain*. i have also been told that it detoxes your body also. is this true?


I have had 6 LPG endermologie treatments and have extensive bruising on my stomach. Is this normal?


I have gone on two appointments, I have fibromyalgia and even though it really hurts while it's being done, afterward and for days later I did not feel the general pain I usually do. I feel great, in fact I feel good enough to exercise now, and I thought nothing would help that, but I really feel better, and for the past 6 years, I have had serious joint and muscle paid, very bad. I know I have only had two treatments, and no I don't care about the cellulite. I wanted a way to stimulate my circulation, which this does. In fact I feel like I worked out for the past couple of days, and it really helps those nasty knots just go away. I have tried massage, which is good, no doubt, but is much more expensive, my treatments are $45 each time, and twice a week. It's better than 1 massage at $80 - I think it's been worth it just for these two items. I will update the cellulite part if I see a difference.


Talk about the use of Endermologie for lymphedema (mine is in my entire leg, foot and hip).


how does endermologie work on fibromyalgia patients?


I am in my 20's and have genetic cellulite. I am not overweight and am in good shape, but I cannot get rid of the cellulite! I am planning to do a cleanse and then get endermologie. My first question is do you think a cleanse is a good idea and second, will I see any results after one session?


When should I drink all that water? On one of the websites I read you shouldn't drink any water 1,5 hours before and after endermologie massage, on the other one - that you should drink plenty of water right before the procedure. Which one should I believe?

Another question is about exercising. I also read that a workout is especially effective within 3 hours after endermologie treatment, since the metabolism rate is high. Is it true? Or it doesn't make any difference?


I am conducting a research question on the most effective treatment for cellulite and I am wondering if you have any research studies supporting the process of endermologie? Could you explain in more detail why liposuction is not an adequate treatment?


To the person who has just begun treatments and hasn't seen any results.

You must drink plenty of water and exercise in order to eliminate the toxins that have been released through lipolysis during the treatments.

As a certified French Technician, I can guarantee that you will see results if you drink plenty of water before and after a treatment and exercise regularly.

Not only will you see the reduction of cellulite, but you will also begin to see a general improvement in your skin as your body eliminates its toxins and begins to function in a healthier manner.

Cellulite is just a symptom of the real problem; which is poor circulation.. Endermologie increases the circulatory and lymphatic system 200% for up to 6 hours after a treatment. During that period, the fatty acids have been released from the adipocyte and are ready to be eliminated through sweat or urine... so drink and exercise those toxins out of your body!

Endermologie, is a natural solution to a healthy, beautiful you!


To the person who just bought a Cellu M6 - Key module I or II machine.

There will soon be a new Training Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.




I purchased a used endermologie machine and have been jumping through hoops to get certified training.

LPG in fla only trains if you bought from them ( I didn't)

HELP!! Any one know of any training out there?


Are there any medications that would give the client any adverse effects if they have the endermologie treatments?


I am on my third session of endermologie treatments. I have yet to notice any results. How many sessions should one expect to have before seeing any results? I am approx. 10 lbs overweight (according to the optimal weight guide in my doctor's office). Also, my treater took measurements of my body before starting the first session. Is this a typical procedure?


In response to your question about drinking water, essentially any time you are having massage or bodywork done, it's important to make sure you're well hydrated. Having enough water in your system ensures that the muscles will respond better to the treatment. I'm not a massage therapist, but that's what my research indicates.


Thank you. I got a gift certificate to a spa and was wondering about this procedure. I did not know the results were temporary and I would need to repeat it every month. Your information helped me make a decision.


I am doing a course of Endermologie, but wasn't told I should drink water before a session. Why should one drink water?

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