What is EMF Balancing Technique?

Malcolm Tatum

The EMF balancing technique is an approach to restoring energy balance that is somewhat different from other types of energy work. While most alternative healthcare treatments are focused on bringing about some type of emotional or physical healing, the EMF balancing technique is aimed at restoring the proper flow of energy through the electromagnetic field in order to achieve a proper balance between the spiritual and they physical. As part of this approach, an EMF balancing technique works directly on what is known as the Universal Calibration Lattice.

Woman doing yoga
Woman doing yoga

While proponents of the EMF balancing technique do report that healing sometimes takes place as a benefit of the treatments, they often emphasize that EMF is not a healing procedure. Peggy Dubro, the developer of the EMF balancing technique, usually refers to the system a process of self-enablement. Rather than one unified treatment, EMF is a series of sessions that systematically address various points along the energy field.

The idea behind EMF balancing is to identify areas along the energy field that are not flowing properly and correcting the flow. At the same time, any energy flows or patterns that are not needed or that may be creating a negative charge are also dealt with. The idea is to correct and calibrate the connection between self and the electromagnetic field, thus creating a balance that ultimate leads to wholeness for body, mind and spirit.

Different people will respond to an EMF balancing technique according to their individual needs. This means different people will come away from a session with different benefits. Unlike energy work that is aimed at healing only, EMF is more like T’ai Chi, in that the benefits may extend to building and repairing relationships, cleaning up the energy flow in a home or community, or opening the door for the acquisition of more knowledge for self improvement. While physical healing is not the focus of EMF balancing treatments, it is not considered unusual for people receiving the treatments to experience a reduction in physical symptoms and find they begin to feel better in a short period of time.

As with many alternative systems, the EMF balancing technique is not currently a staple of Western medicine. However, the technique has quickly gained a number of supporters who testify of the effectiveness of the series of treatments. Over time, this anecdotal evidence has gained a great deal of attention. Proponents report that the use of this technique has helped to bring about relief from depression, improve working relations around the office, and help couples to work through difficult phases in their relationships.

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