What Is Electrostatic Cloth?

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Electrostatic cloth is cloth that is typically treated with chemicals so that it becomes negatively charged. This is helpful when you are dusting, because the negative charge of the cloth pulls in dust particles with greater ease. You’ll find electrostatic cloth in washable forms, in disposable forms, and it is frequently used on products like vacuum cleaners to help improve its ability to pick up dirt. The only complaint with the material is that sometimes the cloth may leave behind an oily residue, but this occurs infrequently.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

There is a big debate among those who dust as to whether electrostatic cloth is better than microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloth contains minuscule fibers, which means each part of the cloth is excellent for trapping tiny bits of dust. Opinions on which is best are prejudiced in favor of both, with no clear answer on which cloth is better for dusting. In industries, especially in the making of things like vacuum cleaners, electrostatic cloth is generally preferred over microfiber cloth, but in numerous factories that produce glass or coated components, microfiber is the more common choice.

Some people also wonder whether the cloth might lose its ability to attract dust after washing. Most people who use this cloth find this is not the case, and the cloth still retains or picks up a charge when it is fully dry. An alternative to both of these types are paper products made primarily of microfiber materials, such as Swiffer® dusters or mops. Some people prefer these for eliminating dust and like the convenience of being able to throw out dirty ones. Others argue that disposal of Swiffer® mop pads and dust pads simply adds to environmental debt and prefer the greener alternative of using reusable and washable cloth.

Both electrostatic cloth and cloth made of microfiber may be helpful in cleaning certain items that shouldn’t get wet. While a wet paper towel is helpful in cleaning plenty of surfaces, electrical items like the screens of TVs or computer monitors are safer if they are dusted with dry material. Similarly, electrostatic cloth might be a better choice for dusting around appliances, televisions, computers, and the like to avoid getting any moisture into electrical parts.

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