What Is Electropathy?

Glyn Sinclair

Electropathy is a form of alternate and traditional medicine practiced in India that seeks to heal by employing the natural energy in plants. In this context “electro” refers to the electrical impulses, nutrients, and energies inherent in all living plants and organisms. Electropathy seeks to rid the body of illness or disease by exchange of “force” and return the body to its original state of health. The therapy uses medicine from plants to balance the lymphatic and blood and is considered to be non-toxic and harmless. Although primarily practiced in India, this form of medicine can be found in many other countries around the world.

Electropathy is a form of medicine practiced in India.
Electropathy is a form of medicine practiced in India.

This medical system uses only the essences of medicinal and aromatic plants and vegetables. There are many species of medicinal plant, but electropathy uses only 114 of them. Some of these include Arnica montana, or wolf's bane, Avena sativa, a species of cereal grain, and Atropa belladonna, or belladonna. Preparation of the remedies takes three steps. These include purification, separation and cold fermentation.

Avena sativa, which is used in electropathy.
Avena sativa, which is used in electropathy.

According to electropathic practitioners, the remedies work on the concept that diseased organisms are more sensitive than healthy organisms. Electropathy works by employing remedies that are derived from the active enzymes of plants that travel through the body via the lymphatic and blood systems. The remedy then will target only the part of the body that is ill or diseased. Once healed, the body no longer absorbs the plant remedy, nor does it become dependent or experience any unnecessary side effects. The remedies also apparently have the ability to ward off any future potential illness by purifying the body system.

Some of the remedies are designed to act on disorders that include metabolic, blood, intestinal and respiratory disorders. Electropathic practitioners also take into account the five “electricities” or fluids within the body. The red fluid acts as a stimulant; blue as an anti-hemorrhagic; white works as a sedative; green is for pain relief; and yellow is a remedy for intestinal disorders. There are other fluids, however, these five are the ones primarily recognized.

Electropathy was first discovered by Dr. Count Ceaser Mattei in 1865, in Italy. The German government further developed the techniques for its health programs. It is considered to be quite distinct from other alternative therapeutic medicines, such as Ayurveda and homeopathic systems. One of the benefits of electropathy is that it is relatively cheap, and as such can be made available to those that cannot afford the expense of visiting a regular medical doctor.

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