What is Electronic Marketing?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Electronic marketing is a form of product promotion and customer relations conducted with the use of electronic media. With the development of the telegraph, a new era in marketing was created. Marketers have been quick to jump on subsequent technological developments from radio to the Internet. Companies may market exclusively via electronic media or use a mixture of marketing media in order to reach a broad target audience.

Video kiosks at a shopping mall is one form of electronic marketing.
Video kiosks at a shopping mall is one form of electronic marketing.

Marketing has a number of goals, including familiarizing people with companies and products, encouraging consumers to adopt specific products, and promoting a positive public opinion of a company, product, or service. Electronic marketing is highly flexible and allows companies to create targeted campaigns with broad reach. This form of marketing can also be very cost effective, making it possible for companies to reach lots of consumers at a fraction of the cost for other types of advertising.

New media devices are often advertised through electronic marketing.
New media devices are often advertised through electronic marketing.

In addition to media like television, radio, and the Internet, electronic marketers can use media such as phones for conveying advertisements. Talking ads mounted on bus stations and other public installations are another example. Electronic kiosks in locations like malls can be used for marketing purposes. Marketers can create video brochures, insert ads in front of feature films, and find a number of other ways to reach an audience via electronic means.

Internet marketing in particular is rich ground for marketers. This form of electronic marketing can be generic, as in the case of banner ads placed on websites. It can also be remarkably specific, tailored to Internet use habits with the goal of reaching out to specific consumers. Marketers can serve different kinds of ads, customize email marketing campaigns, and use other techniques to reach potential consumers on the Internet.

Some advertising firms specialize in electronic marketing services. They can help their customers devise effective campaigns and may also be involved in the implementation of marketing campaigns. These firms keep up with the latest trends in marketing so that they can stay ahead of the curve with advertisements that will appeal and attract.

Companies must use electronic marketing with care. Some consumers may find such marketing intrusive, forcing companies to find creative ways to advertise that will pique interest instead of irritating. It is also necessary to think about how advertising fits in with a company image and the ideals that a company wants to project. A company that prides itself on discretion, for example, would probably not want to deliver an intrusive email marketing campaign based on browsing habits.

Electronic marketing is often done by a team working online.
Electronic marketing is often done by a team working online.
Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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When we think of internet marketing we often think of television, radio and the internet. But there are lots of other areas of electronic marketing that are growing in exciting ways.

Most people have probably seen digital billboards along the highway. These effectively multiply the usefulness of that billboard by 7 or 8, however many ads they choose to run. In the future we will probably see these on a smaller scale in retail stores. And they may be tied to your cell phone so that when your are standing near one it plays a targeted advertisement.

Marketers have also expanded their horizons by developing things like apps and internet games that relate directly to their products. Unlike traditional ads which try to make a case for a product, these just casually reference the product in order to create brand memory and positive associations. There is lots of potential in the future for companies to create innovative offerings like these to market in unexpected ways.


Is it just me or is radio marketing consistently terrible? I feel like almost every radio ad I hear is just a cheesy joke delivered by terrible voice actors.

Nobody particularly likes TV or internet ads but at least these are occasionally entertaining or enlightening or make a convincing case for their products. Compared to these I feel like radio ads are just a wasteland. Is this where all the flunk outs from advertising school go? How can these be so consistently poor?


Internet marketing has expanded the entire field of advertising into lots of new and potentially exciting areas. The internet has captivated peoples attention like nothing that came before it and marketers from the very start have been interested in finding successful ways to introduce their products and messages into this environment.

One of the biggest challenges with internet marketing is tying to get your message to rise above all the others. And the best way to get noticed on the internet is to have your website come up first in most search engines, especially Google. The way to do this is to use keywords strategically so that your site appears to be the most relevant of all.

An entire field of marketing had developed out of this need. It is called SEO, search engine optimization. This is a writing style that attempts to maximize the use of targeted keywords so that website will rise through the ranks of search engine results. It is a bigger industry than you would expect and harder to do than it sounds. Just another example of all the exciting new avenues coming out of electronic marketing.

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