What Is Electronic Human Resource Management?

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Electronic human resource management (E-HRM) is the process of a company integrating its human resource department with information technology specifically designed to help with tasks associated with human resources. By doing this, businesses can streamline its human resources, or HR, departments and become more efficient in terms of both costs and production. Different tasks that can be handled by E-HRM include staffing, training, and payroll. Software is installed which can handle various time-consuming jobs, allowing HR employees to save time on those tasks and concentrate on strategic maneuvers designed to improve the business.

Human resources departments are hugely important to companies around the world. These departments are responsible for communications between management and employees. Their efforts can make the difference between a content, satisfied group of workers and a bunch of disgruntled employees. Taking care to cater to the employees various needs can be difficult when all of the technical tasks of HR management must be performed as well. That is why many companies have begun the process of installing various forms of electronic human resource management to help out their HR managers.


It is important to understand that, in most cases, E-HRM is not intended to replace traditional human resource departments. Instead, it is considered to be more of a supplement to the HR department, performing tasks which might be otherwise bog down HR management and prevent them from doing more strategic work. By installing E-HRM software, a business can streamline the more detailed tasks associated with the HR department.

For example, electronic human resource management can include software devoted to payroll issues, which traditionally fall under the authority of the HR department. Management of employee benefits can also be handled by E-HRM. In addition, the software can be helpful in terms of staffing. Programs designed to sift through applications or suggest internal candidates for open positions can make the time-consuming process of choosing between many alternatives for jobs much easier to handle.

By doing all of these tasks, electronic human resource management can help HR departments get back to the central focus of ensuring the best possible relationship between management and workers. As a matter of fact, E-HRM can also help out with this task through the use of intranet applications which can provide a direct channel of communication between the HR department and company employees. E-HRM also can free up human resources employees to concentrate on strategic initiatives to improve the overall health of a company.


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Post 3
@Belted - There definitely is. I think training has become a very complicated issue since so much of it started to be done online.

When you used to do in-person training you could answer questions and evaluate whether people were really getting anything out of it. Now most training relies on a multiple choice tests to see if people are paying attention. It may be efficient, but I'm not sure it is as effective.

Post 2

I always hear about all the benefits of electronic management. But what are some of the disadvantages? Surely there must be some HR task that was easier to do in-person, or with paper.

Post 1

A lot of the training modules and HR forms that my company used to have in print now exist solely online. It is easier for everyone. The employee can get the information they need from almost anywhere, and the company can evaluate it electronically which saves labor. Plus, the cost of printing is much smaller.

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