What is Electromagnetic Therapy?

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Sometimes referred to as electrotherapy or electromagnetic field therapy, electromagnetic therapy is an alternative medical treatment that is used to treat a wide range of health issues. Alternative medicine practitioners who make use of this form of therapy claim that irregularities in the body’s electromagnetic field interfere with the body’s chemical balance, and thus create the ideal platform for the formation of all types of physical and emotional woes. By using devices to direct controlled bursts of electromagnetic energy into that field, it is possible to correct the irregularity and thus restore the natural balance of the body and its ability to ward off disease.

The actual process of an electromagnetic therapy treatment will vary somewhat, depending on the methods preferred by the practitioner. Some make use of the attachment of electrodes at strategic points on the head and body, with the location of the electrodes determined by the type of ailment the patient is experiencing. A low flow of current is directed into the body through these electrodes, purportedly correcting issues such as energy blocks and irregular flows of energy, and allowing healing to commence.


A number of different health problems are routinely treated with the use of electromagnetic therapy. Recurring headaches, back pain, numbness in the extremities, general aches and pains, and even nervous conditions are sometimes treated by alternative practitioners using this type of therapy, sometimes alone and sometimes in conjunction with the use of cleansing herbs and other treatments. Even people who suffer from ongoing health issues like diabetes or arthritis sometimes seek electromagnetic therapy as a means of helping to manage their conditions. Other health issues that are sometimes treated with this type of therapy include severe burns, heart disease, cerebral palsy, ulcers, and even gum infections.

At present, there is no solid scientific evidence that electromagnetic therapy does anything to correct various health issues of this nature. There is a rather large volume of anecdotal evidence from people who have undergone this type of therapy for various health issues, and claim that the therapy either cured them or proved to be just as effective as nuclear medicine. While there is not currently any research that proves the efficacy of electromagnetic therapy to the medical community at large, some individual physicians do see value in the treatments. This has led to a situation where some physicians may utilize a combination of Western medicine and electromagnetic therapy to help a patient deal with or recover from some type of illness.


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