What is Electro Reflexology?

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Electro reflexology is a term used to describe a device that provides a specific massage technique known as reflexology to enhance overall well being. This machine stimulates key points on the body based on the science of reflexology. An electro reflexology machine can focus on the foot or on the exact location of pain and tightness.

Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is based on the belief that there are points or areas on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet which correlate to a specific part of the body. For example, the arch of the foot and the area just below the ankle on top of the foot represents the low back area. Applying specialized massage techniques of reflexology to these areas may bring about relief of pain issues in the low back without having to work directly on the back.

It is also believed that a reflexology massage to the entire foot can decrease pain, tightness and stress throughout the body> it can also increase circulation and overall health. Utilizing an electro reflexology machine can allow the user to apply reflexology massage independently without the need to know what areas of the foot correspond to specific areas of the body.


The most common electro reflexology machine is a foot and leg machine. This device provides a low frequency electrical impulse to key points on the foot just by placing the feet on the non slip foot pads and turning on the unit. Commonly, these types of electro reflexology machines offer different settings such as heating options and relaxation massage sensations to decrease stress and tension and keep feet feeling energized.

Another option for electro reflexology comes in the form of small pads attached to the machine by leads. These pads, which require a layer of gel between the skin and the pad to conduct electricity, allow for electrical impulses to be delivered directly in an area of pain. These electric pulses can be adjusted to tolerance and can offer relief of pain and tightness by direct stimulation.

In reflexology, as with any massage technique where pressure is applied, a temporary increase in tenderness to the area can occur. Utilizing an electro reflexology unit may also cause a short-termed change or loss of sensation to the area. Irritation of the skin may also occur. In extreme cases of skin sensitivity or when inadequate amounts of conducting gel is applied, using an electric reflexology machine can result in mild to moderate burning of the skin.


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Post 3
Electro reflexology treatments sound nice, but unfortunately I can't benefit from it because I have epilepsy. It's not safe for people with epilepsy, blood pressure issues, pacemakers, etc.
Post 2

@literally45-- I have an electro reflexology foot massager at home and I'm happy with it. It's obviously not the same feeling as having pressure applied by a practitioner, but it's definitely the next best thing. I think the benefits are very similar.

It's very relaxing to use and I think that using it regularly improves my circulation and my feet and legs feel less tired in general. The cost is also not too bad, it's definitely much cheaper than reflexology sessions and it's nice to do it in the comfort of my own home.

I think you should get an affordable one and give it a try. Most of them come with warranty so if you don't like it, you can return it.

Post 1

Does an electro reflexology device really work?

I believe in reflexology benefits. I always have detox symptoms for a few days after a session but then feel considerably better afterward-- healthier and happier. But seeing a reflexology practitioner is kind of expensive and it's not a treatment I can have on a regular basis although I would like to.

I'm thinking about getting an electro reflexology device for home. Does anyone here have one? Do you think it works?

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