What Is Effort Management?

Malcolm Tatum

Effort management is a broad term that is used in business circles, and normally has to do with the assessment of work-related activities in terms of the effort put forth by those who are engaged in those activities. Considered a key element in assessing production and efficiency as well as in measuring the progress on a project, effort management takes into account factors like the level of communication exhibited by team members, the amount of self-discipline that each brings to assigned tasks, and even the degree of energy and motivation exhibited by each individual involved with the activity. The relevance of effort management is sometimes debated, with critics citing the highly subjective nature of these types of evaluations or measurements, and proponents noting that taking into account these elements is important, since they do have impact on just how productive and efficient employees are with certain tasks.

Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone
Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone

The focus of effort management is to assess the overall efforts made by employees in relation to their assigned tasks. While the need to measure proficiency in terms of how long it takes to complete steps that are essential to a task, this approach looks more closely at the general attitude that the employee brings to his or work. Here, factors are noted, such as the fact that an employee is always on time and usually arrives at the workplace ready to begin the day’s tasks. An agreeable attitude throughout the workday, a willingness to assist co-workers who are having difficulties, and the ability to effectively communicate with peers and supervisors are all considerations associated with the effort of the employee. Typically, a manager will identify all these traits and attempt to support further development of these positive attributes.

With effort management, the idea is to aid employees in being motivated to give their best in the workplace, help one another when and as necessary, and in general create a working environment that is considered healthy and positive. This can be especially important when the business is facing challenges and the level of stress is higher for both workers and managers. By affirming the positive attitudes and efforts that are already present in the workplace, it is possible to engage in strategies that help to enhance those efforts. By identifying ways to support everyone within the company structure in terms of promoting positive effort, keeping the stress within reason, and maintaining a cohesive atmosphere in the workplace, the team can eventually overcome the obstacles, and make sure that the level of productivity remains high.

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