What is Eco Mulch?

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Eco mulch is a natural material composed of wood by-products not usable by companies such as lumber and logging businesses. The by-products or waste debris is recycled into mulching products which can be used in residential yards and commercial areas. Long lasting mulches are also used to line trails, pathways, and playgrounds in public parks.

The preparation of quality eco mulch consists of using fresh hardwood pieces. The wood is stored and allowed to decompose naturally, thereby creating organic material that will enrich the soil. A chipping and grinding process creates mulch-sized wood pieces from the raw wood by-products.

Eco mulch is beneficial to flower and vegetable gardens, and residential and commercial landscapes by helping to prevent the growth of weeds. The organic decomposition of mulch provides necessary nutrients to the soil. Healthy, nutrient rich soil also promotes a positive environment for the growth of earthworms.

Like traditional bark or straw mulch, eco mulch supports a healthy garden by retaining moisture in the soil. As mulch retains water, it helps reduce the amount of watering plants, trees, and vegetables need. Eco mulch provides a solid covering that stays in place enabling consistent soil temperatures and better water drainage to root systems.


Eco mulch is available in pre-packaged bags of various weights. For larger projects, such as lining a driveway, filling in large areas, or for extensive landscaping projects, the mulch can be delivered in bulk by the truckload from local mulching companies or garden centers. Natural, freshly ground mulch is also available free of charge from tree cutting and tree trimming companies.

When choosing a professional company to remove tree limbs, hire a company with the necessary equipment to grind the trees into mulch while on the property. Tree stumps removed from the yard can also be ground into usable mulch. Mulch delivered to the home or business is placed in a designated location to be dispersed by hand or a mechanical blower device is used to spread the mulch over a specified area.

Mulches come in assorted varieties both organic and inorganic. Organic mulch found in your backyard includes pine straw, also known as pine needles, and grass clippings. Other organic mulch includes wood chips, bark nuggets, and shredded cypress. Trees used for mulch include cedar, pine, and cypress. Processed mulch is available in natural colors or can be enhanced with colored dye. Inorganic mulches include stones, gravel, and recycled rubber.


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Post 3

@literally45-- I agree that eco mulch is the best. Plus, it's environmentally friendly. The wood by-products used to make eco mulch would have ended up in the landfill otherwise. So you are also doing a service to nature by using eco mulch. As far as I know, in my area, all of the schools, churches, community buildings and city properties have this type of mulch. If it's good enough for schools, I'm sure it's good enough for your property.

Post 2

@literally45-- If you have a large area to mulch and don't particularly care about color and scent, then I'd definitely recommend eco mulch. Keep in mind that mulch decomposes, so it's something that has to be applied every year. Eco mulch adds nutrients to soil just like more expensive mulches and it will fill spaces and line property perfectly well. This type of mulch also works for keeping soil moist and preventing weeds.

Specialty organic mulch is best for home gardens and yards where much is not needed. You certainly don't want to pay so much when you've got a lot of land to cover. We have a large property too and we've been using eco mulch for years. It works great.

Post 1

My property is fairly large and I'm going to be mulching next month, it's the right season for it. I'm just not sure what type of mulch to use. Eco mulch is the most affordable and I am leaning towards it, but I also wonder if it would be better to pay more for a different kind of mulch. Any recommendations?

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