What is Ear Stapling?

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The quest for an effective weight loss procedure has led some to pursue a controversial practice known as ear stapling. Ear stapling involves the professional installation of a thin metal loop around an exposed section of ear cartilage. This piercing is believed to promote natural weight loss, although there is little scientific evidence to support many of the benefits claimed by practitioners.

Ear stapling has been an alternative health procedure for decades, but interest in the practice has increased significantly in recent years. A minimally invasive ear stapling may be preferable to more aggressive obesity surgeries such as gastric bypass or a lap band. Professional ear stapling generally runs between $35 and $65 US Dollars per ear, and some practitioners urge patients to have both ears stapled for maximum benefit.

There are several theories on how ear stapling actually works. Some believe there is a neural connection between the ear and many abdominal organs, including the stomach, pancreas and liver. This connection was formed as the fetus developed in the womb. By stapling the ear at a specific location, this dormant neural connection can be stimulated in an adult's body. Ear stapling is thought to restore a proper balance among digestive organs, leading to more efficient food processing and overall weight loss.


Another theory involving ear stapling suggests that the metallic rings stimulate the production of endorphins, natural pain relievers which help reduce stress and other conditions which contribute to overeating. Once a person gets his or her stress level under control, other health concerns such as high blood pressure and compulsive eating should also become more manageable. The stimulation of endorphins through ear stapling is thought to be a temporary effect, so the rings must be repositioned on a regular basis.

A third theory on the mechanics of ear stapling involves an ancient practice known as auricular acupuncture. Much like the human foot, the human ear is thought to contain a number of energy points which link to other parts of the body. When these energy or Chi (Qi) points become blocked, the associated organs and systems suffer. The location of the ear staples, just behind the tragus in the lower ear, is thought to be Point Zero, the Chi energy node for the digestive organs. Ear stapling is believed to restore a natural flow of Chi energy to the area and the result is a higher metabolism and subsequent weight loss.


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Ear stapling: highly unlikely to have any effect except through the mind. Almost any procedure may help a little if you believe it will.

For instance: If you believe that standing on your head and going 'hMMMMMMM' will help with psychosomatic problems, you may indeed benefit - at least a little.

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