What is DVR Surveillance?

Digital video recorder (DVR) surveillance is the use of cameras, often hidden or concealed, that use DVR technology to record video for playback or immediate viewing. As technological innovations have made improvements in the security and surveillance industry, DVR surveillance has become more prominent and allows for easier and more versatile security systems in homes and businesses. A DVR surveillance security system can be designed for indoor use or outdoor use and can often involve hidden security cameras, concealed “nanny cams” for home security, and even personal recording devices hidden on a person.

The term “DVR” is often used in conjunction with home entertainment systems, and refers to the use of digital methods to record video signals for later playback. This technology is often used in home devices to allow television broadcasts to be recorded or to allow pausing, rewind, and other features during live broadcast viewing. In security systems, DVR surveillance uses similar technology to allow a camera to record video footage, store the signal on a small digital device, and not require bulky analog video equipment. This allows for smaller, more easily hidden devices, and the ability to save dozens or hundreds of hours of footage without the need for space to store videotapes.

Outdoor DVR surveillance equipment can include hidden cameras and visible security cameras, typically intended both as a deterrent and to capture evidence if a crime or security breach is committed. For many businesses and public places, these types of cameras may often have to be visible, as some areas have privacy laws that forbid the use of hidden cameras in public places. Hidden or concealed cameras can often be used for private residences, and these devices may be hidden in plain sight through the use of disguised cameras. Such a camera may be hidden in an innocuous object, such as a lamp post, door frame, or even a television satellite dish.

Indoor DVR surveillance devices are often hidden to allow a homeowner to ensure that nothing inappropriate is occurring in his or her home. These devices are often called “nanny cams” and are used frequently to ensure that employees working within a home, such as cleaning services or nannies, are not stealing or abusing children. The small size of such devices allows them to be hidden in everything from clocks, radios, and electric shavers to flower arrangements and stuffed animals.

DVR surveillance can also be used on a very small scale for personal devices. These cameras can be hidden in specially made glasses, jewelry, and even a button on a shirt. The video image can be transmitted to a remote receiver or saved in a storage device for access by a computer or through the Internet.

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