What is Dust Remover?

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Dust remover is a term that is commonly applied to a product utilized to remove dust particles from computer keyboards, monitors, and towers. Sometimes referred to as compressed gas duster, a dust remover is a simple aerosol can filled with gases that emits a steady stream of air in order to clean keyboard keys and the small spaces between the keys as well as to blow dust away from the monitor screen. These handy containers of canned air can be purchased in several different retail outlets.

Wearing a dust mask while cleaning can help to avoid contact with dust particles.
Wearing a dust mask while cleaning can help to avoid contact with dust particles.

The can is usually of a size that is similar to a can of shaving cream, although some cans are taller and slimmer, much like the body of an aerosol can of air freshener. Regardless of the configuration and dimensions of the body of the can, just about every dust remover comes with a nozzle attachment that makes it possible to project a concentrated flow of air into even tight places. This makes the canned dust remover ideal for ridding keyboards of dust particles. Not only will the dust remover take care of dust on the keys; the nozzle makes it possible to direct the flow of air in between the keys and remove any buildup of dust that could eventually jam the keys and damage the keyboard.

Dust removers come in aerosol cans.
Dust removers come in aerosol cans.

Using a dust remover is a simple process. First, it is necessary to position the nozzle attachment. Once the attachment is in place, the device is pointed at or into the area that requires dusting. In order to clean a broader area, hold the can so the nozzle attachment is a few inches away from the spot. For tighter areas, such as between the keys of a keyboard, position the end of the nozzle attachment directly into the space. Begin spraying the canned air into the area, taking care to move along in a manner that moves the dust away from the keyboard or monitor so it cannot resettle into the area.

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Canned dust remover can be used to clean your keyboard, but they can also come in handy for other cleaning projects. For example, the dust remover is very helpful when cleaning dust particles out of intricate carving on wood furniture or decorative molding. The remover can also be used with other appliances, such as clearing the dust around and in between control keys on a stereo unit.

While various dust remover products usually contain several gases that function as propellants, they are usually safe to use in any room with usual ventilation. However, people who have an allergic reaction to dust should wear a protective mask as a means of possibly breathing in any of the dust particles.

Purchasing dust remover is also a simple process. Most office supply stores carry at least one brand of canned air. Many discount retail stores that sell computers will also have several brands of dust remover to choose from.

Dust removers are an effective way to clean laptop keyboards.
Dust removers are an effective way to clean laptop keyboards.

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This is moronic and doesn't actually answer the question. "What is Dust Remover?" refers to "What is Dust Remover composed of?"

Anyone with half a brain understands that 1) the can they just purchased is an aerosol can, 2) the can they just sprayed at their appliance fired a collection of chemicals, and 3) the collection of chemicals is clearly inherit or simply benign to electronics/most surfaces or it wouldn't be marketed for such a purpose.

This answer is akin to: "What is a chair?", Answer: "A chair is something that allows you to sit in comfort." Who would be searching the internet for this answer?

The question here is, "What is dust remover?" (a.k.a what is it commonly/less commonly composed of chemical-wise).

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