What is Dress Tape?

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Dress tape is flexible double sided tape that is designed to help secure garments on the body. Several companies manufacture this tape in various colors and widths so that it can be coordinated with a broad assortment of garments. Both men and women can benefit from a small stash of it, especially if it is stored somewhere readily accessible.

There are a number of uses for dress tape. It can be used to adhere fabric to fabric, as might be the case with a busty woman who wants to prevent blouse gaps. It can also be used to attach fabric to skin, preventing straps from sliding, for example, or to prevent breasts from showing when a woman bends over. Dress tape is also highly useful for emergency repairs, as might be the case when a garment rips or tears while someone is at an event.

Fabric is a common backing choice for dress tape, since it is flexible and easy to dye. The tape can also be made from synthetic materials like plastic. In all cases, the tape is double sided. Narrow strips are often used to make it, although it is also available in pads or patches that can be trimmed to size. Typically, it is a neutral color, and synthetic varieties are often clear, so that it cannot be seen under sheer garments.


Women who are concerned about modesty issues may wear dress tape, to ensure that they do not inadvertently expose themselves. Some women also use it on their breasts, to conceal nipples in sheer garments or for additional support when they are unable to wear a brassiere. Wrap skirts, plunging necklines, and other daring garments can be secured with this product for comfort. It is also used to keep clothing in place, and to ensure that the smooth lines of a garment are not interrupted by bunching or wrinkling.

Conventional double sided tape can be used on clothing, but it may be irritating, or damage the skin and clothing. Dress tape is designed to be worn next to the body, so it is not scratchy or sharp. The adhesives are also designed to be firm, yet gentle, so that it does not harm clothing or hurt the skin when it is removed. In some cases, dress tape may be reusable, if it is stored properly.


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How strong exactly are dress tapes? Oh, and I've seen some people who use some sort of double-sided tape to make sure their feet remain firmly attached to the soles of their shoes. Can dress tapes be used for this purpose?

Post 2

I've never used dress tape before, but I have found toupe tape to be tremendously useful for holding clothes in place. I purchased it at my local beauty supply store.

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Where can I buy dress tape? Is it good for holding a strapless bra in place?

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