What Is Double Ka Meetha?

Mark Wollacott

Double ka meetha is a desert in Indian cuisine that originated in Hyderabad. It is made using crisp fried bread that has been soaked in saffron and cardamom syrup. It is usually topped with cream when served. It is usually quick and easy to make and this makes it a common dish in India and Indian communities throughout the world. The dessert appears to be an Indian version of the bread pudding and is served at banquets or as an afternoon treat.

Rose water, one of the ingredients in double ka meetha.
Rose water, one of the ingredients in double ka meetha.

In terms of ingredients, the double ka meetha tends to use a thick bread as its base. The bread is cut into strips and fried or roasted. In order to flavor the bread, the roundels are first soaked in rose water that has had been flavored with saffron and then in cardamom syrup. Cream, butter, sugar and milk are also required to make the finished product. Double ka meetha is often combined with nuts such as almonds and cashew nuts, but this is optional.

Double ka meetha is soaked in a syrup made with cardamom.
Double ka meetha is soaked in a syrup made with cardamom.

The basics recipe remains the same, but the type of bread used can vary a little. The biggest amount of variation concerns the nuts. Almonds and cashew make up the most common types of nuts used in the double ka meetha, but they can be replaced with nuts such as the pistachio or eaten without nuts at all. Nuts can be complemented by or replaced with raisins.

A double ka meetha is, by its nature as a dessert, not a healthy meal. The traditional double ka meetha is served with cream on top and can be served warm or cold, but is best served fresh on the day of preparation. It is also possible to replace the cream serving with a fruit sauce, which is best complemented with raisins rather than nuts. It is often served at weddings and parties, but it also makes for a good afternoon treat. In the latter case, it is best served alongside a cup of tea or coffee.

When served in a banquet or as part of a party buffet, the dessert is often served alongside a range of other traditional Hyderabad desserts. These include the qubani ka meetha, the ande ka piyosi, badam ki jihab and the dil e firdaus. At such events, there are typically catering services that are more than able to provide high-quality Indian cuisine and desserts.

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