What is DJ Public Liability Insurance?

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Disco or DJ public liability insurance is a type of insurance coverage that protects disc jockeys in the event that actions or events that occur when they are in the process of carrying out their job responsibilities leads to some type of damages to facilities or individuals. The idea is to provide a type of professional insurance coverage that can be used to pay for those damages, either by the filing of a claim or damages that are awarded to a plaintiff in a court of law. In many cases, DJ public liability insurance will not only pay for any actual damages awarded, but also for any legal costs that may be incurred during the settlement of the issue.

Many professional disc jockeys carry this type of insurance protection when their work requires that they participate in public appearances of some sort. Those appearances may involve providing and managing the music at events like a wedding reception or birthday party held at a hotel or conference center. The DJ public liability insurance protects the DJ and his or her employer in the event that the equipment used in the appearance causes damage to the facility in any manner. For example, if the equipment caused some sort of overload on the facility’s electrical system, triggering some sort of small fire, the insurance policy would cover the costs of repairing the damage done by that small fire.


DJ public liability insurance may also come in handy in the event that anyone is injured as the result of falling equipment or some other activity directly related to the DJ during the course of the event. This would mean that if speakers supplied by the DJ should accidentally tumble from a dais or stage and strike an attendee, the liability coverage would likely pay for any type of medical treatment required as a result of the injury. Should the disc jockey not carry this type of coverage, the jockey as well as his or her employer may be subject to a civil suit filed by the injured party, the planners, or any other entity involved in the project that is held responsible for the injury.

Along with being a prudent move, proof of current DJ public liability insurance is also often necessary before many public facilities will allow the disc jockey to set up equipment for a planned event. Should the DJ be unable to provide written proof that he or she is covered under this type of liability plan, there is a good chance he or she will not be allowed entry into the facility. For this reason, it is important for businesses and professional event planners to always verify that the DJ selected for the project does have liability insurance coverage that is considered acceptable to the hosting facility.


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