What is Divine Healing?

Patti Kate

Divine healing, often called spiritual healing, refers to healing the body or mind through prayer. This typically involves praying to a supreme being. Methods of divine or spiritual healing often include religious ceremonies and rites. Divine healing is often mistaken for faith healing, although the two methods differ.

People might turn to divine healing when facing a potentially terminal illness.
People might turn to divine healing when facing a potentially terminal illness.

This type of healing relies upon the power of religion, prayer, and the Holy Spirit to heal the sick. In faith healing, a person with special gifts brings about healing for an ill or injured person. Divine and spiritual healing prayer may be done in the presence of a clergyman or religious authority. Sometimes, this practice is performed by a group. In many cases, those who practice divine healing do so in their own homes.

Votive candles are often use in addition to prayers for divine healing.
Votive candles are often use in addition to prayers for divine healing.

Many people who are devout followers of religious healing do not seek medical assistance from physicians to treat their various ailments. The belief of spiritual healing is that a higher being can cure any affliction without the aid of medicine. Many individuals view the methods of divine healing as sacred. Worshipers of divine healing may form cults. These groups often hold special prayer requests for the ill seeking their help.

Prayer sessions are conducted as part of divine healing.
Prayer sessions are conducted as part of divine healing.

The ministries of divine or spiritual healing teach that faith supplies the power to heal. Schools of divine healing are dedicated to those who practice this belief. Some websites also teach this concept. Downloadable e-books also explain the concept of divine healing. Many of these teachings include the use of fasting and rituals to help cleanse the mind and heal the body. Ultimately, prayer sessions are conducted as part of one's daily life.

Along with schools that teach divine and spiritual healing, there are email lists and online groups that many people join. As part of the process, special programs are offered to devoted followers of spiritual healing. After a program is completed, some of these organizations offer followers counseling.

Some people refer to the rituals and the concept of divine healing as Christian healing. Christian healing churches teach the concept that God heals all. Many of these churches are long established, offering prayer and healing services to members.

Divine healing relies on the power of prayer.
Divine healing relies on the power of prayer.

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I have heard doctors say that divine healing cannot work for truly ill people. They say that ill people who attend prayer meetings and walk away better are hypnotized and their symptoms return after a short time. They also say that it is a placebo effect.

I honestly don't know what to believe. What do you guys think? Can people really get better with prayer? Or is it the psychological impact of these meetings, like being told that you will be better actually makes you better for a while?


When I am sick, I like to read the Bible, especially Matthew because there are many mentions of healing and health. It makes me feel better, it might be psychological perhaps. It's a source of comfort for me, particularly if I am alone and away from home.

We tend to feel down when we are sick and I think that divine healing is a really good way to become optimistic about your situation.


I want to share a story about this topic.

A man prayed to God often and asked to be protected and to be saved from any bad situations. One day there was a tsunami and the water reached the top of the houses. The man was atop his roof waiting for God's help. A boat of people came by to help him. He refused their help saying "No, I don't need your help, God is going to help me." Another two boats came and the man said the same thing. After the third boat, the water reached the top and the man drowned.

In heaven, he asked God "Why didn't you help me?" God said "I sent you three boats. You refused all of them."

That's how I see divine healing and medical treatment. I think we should pray to God and ask for his healing but we should get medical treatment too. All of it comes from God in my view.

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