What Is Disposable Underwear?

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Disposable underwear is underwear that is designed to be worn once and then thrown away. The reasons why a person might want to wear this type of underwear vary, and these reasons typically dictate the way in which disposable underwear is made. Some people wear so-called travel underwear while traveling so as to reduce the amount of clothing they need to pack and carry. In other cases, the underwear is specifically designed to protect the skin and clothing of those who suffer from incontinence. Finally, some women choose to wear disposable underwear while they are menstruating in order to avoid staining their regular undergarments.

Travel underwear is popular among some travelers, particularly campers and backpackers who want to travel light and do not wish to carry large amounts of dirty laundry. This type of disposable underwear may be made of paper, cotton, or other materials and is designed to look like regular underwear. It tends to be very light and thin and should be worn only once, as it cannot be laundered. Some types of travel underwear are extremely compact and can easily fit into someone's pocket. Some airports and hotel gift shops also sell travel underwear to individuals whose bags have been delayed, leaving them without clean underwear.


Incontinence underwear is underwear that includes absorbent padding to reduce moisture and odor for its wearers. Some types of underwear designed for incontinence needs are disposable, while other brands can be washed and reused. Like other disposable underwear, disposable incontinence underwear is designed to be worn once and then thrown away. Some brands of incontinence underwear are designed to look very much like regular underwear and less like adult diapers. Purchasers of underwear for incontinence should pay attention to product labels that can indicate the type and severity of incontinence that the garment is able to handle.

Purchasers of disposable underwear should be aware that different manufacturers use different materials to make the underwear. In some cases, the material may prove to be uncomfortable, particularly if the underwear is made of paper. The underwear may itch, make crackling sounds, and may chafe the skin. Those who plan to use disposable underwear may wish to give a pair a test run before heading off on a camping trip with nothing but that brand of underwear for the duration of the trip. Similarly, individuals who rely on incontinence underwear may need to try several brands before finding one that is both comfortable but also provides the needed protection.


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Post 5

I suppose it really depends on the brand that you purchase and knowing the quality of it before buying. There are 100 percent cotton disposable undergarments that are rather comfy as well.

Post 4

The first time I saw disposable underwear was in an airport. I had to stop and take a second look to see if it really was what I thought it was.

Thankfully, I have never had my luggage lost or delayed, but I can understand why someone might buy this if this happened to them.

I don't think we will see disposable underwear for women in all the stores. It is hard for me to imagine that women would spend the money on something like this to wear all the time.

Post 3

When I first heard of disposable panties I also thought it would be a great idea. I was planning a trip and didn't have much extra space in my bag. Taking along some disposable underwear for travel seemed like the perfect solution.

I should have tried them out before I got so excited about them. I found them to be very uncomfortable and noisy, if that is way to describe underwear.

I didn't really realize these were made of paper, and they made embarrassing crackling sounds. I could only put up with it for a couple days and had to break down and buy some "real" underwear.

Maybe there are different brands that would not be so bad, but I don't think I will try disposable underwear again.

Post 2

I like to keep some Kotex disposable underwear on hand for certain times of the month. I got tired of stained underwear during my period, and it is so much easier to use disposable underwear during this time.

They aren't all that expensive if you don't wear them all the time, and certainly worth it for the convenience. We use so many things today that are disposable, that I think this is something we may begin to see more of in the future.

Post 1

This is the first time I have heard about disposable underwear, but I can see where there would be certain situations these would come in handy.

We go camping and backpacking in the mountains every year, and taking along disposable underpants would be a great solution. This way you could still have a clean pair every day without the dirty ones taking up space in your pack.

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