What Is Dishwasher Art?

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Dishwasher art generally covers the front of a dishwasher to add a splash of color to kitchen decor. Unless the appliance is concealed behind the doors of a cabinet, people can see a dishwasher’s large, front-loading door when entering into a kitchen. The blank surface is a perfect place to add some personality and style to the interior design of a kitchen, and there are many types of dishwasher art from which to choose.

Some types of artwork adhere to the appliance by utilizing a sticky substance on the back of the image. Companies sometimes use vinyl to produce adhesive dishwasher panels, but some use a material that is similar to contact paper. Thick vinyl may be a better option for some people, while others use thinner panels. Occasionally, people use real contact paper to line the front of the dishwasher.

Most adhesive dishwasher art panels are meant for use on any machine and will not harm the dishwasher’s surface. It is also possible to reuse some types of adhesive panels if the user properly removes and stores the artwork. Using other products, such as contact paper, may not permit reuse of the panel and could potentially leave behind a sticky residue upon removal. Some people still prefer contact paper because it tends to be far less expensive.


Other types of dishwasher art utilize a magnetic backing to hold the image in place. The magnetic panels snap onto the front of the dishwasher and are easy to remove. For people who want to frequently change the artwork, magnetic artwork is likely the easiest option. Changing the panels to reflect holidays and changing seasons is not uncommon.

Magnetic artwork requires the dishwasher to have a surface that will hold a magnet. Before purchasing dishwasher art with a magnetic backing, it is important to test the surface of the appliance to ensure that the panel will remain on the door. The surface of most dishwasher doors is parallel to the ground during loading and unloading, so a strong magnetic hold is essential.

There are countless patterns and styles available when shopping for dishwasher art. Some people want prints of famous paintings by artists like Van Gogh or Monet, while others prefer geometrical patterns or colorful abstracts. Panels also may feature nature images, such as animals, plants, or landscapes.

The price of dishwasher art may fluctuate considerably. Magnetic panels generally cost more than adhesive ones, but other options may be far less expensive than either type. Contact paper is a cheap option, but some people prefer to paint the dishwasher door themselves. When painting, the results may vary depending on the material and type of paint used, but the option can cost significantly less.


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