What is Deworming?

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Sometimes referred to as drenching or worming, the process of deworming is a means of ridding animals of parasites that live in the body. Failure to engage in deworming can lead to a number of health issues for the animal, including death. Deworming is an ongoing task that many dog and cat owners engage in on a regular basis. Persons who own horses or cattle also often employ various means to deworm their animals.

Deworming usually involves the administration of some type of medication to help prevent the occurrence of such parasite types as tapeworms and roundworms. This type of regular health maintenance makes it possible to prevent the parasites from setting up in the system, and eventually infecting vital organs. Deworming medications are often administered orally, although there are some types of gelled medication that may be applied to the skin.

Many animal owners will choose to engage in deworming methods that involve little to no real effort. Medications to handle the process often are colorless and tasteless. This means the medicine may be in the form of granules that are added to the food without detracting from the taste or texture. For dogs and cats, deworming medicines may be provided in the form of a chew tablet that is flavored to entice the pet to consume the medication.


Often, deworming medication must be administered on a monthly basis. While somewhat expensive, the cost of the medicine is much less than the standard veterinarian visit, and far less costly than attempting to effectively treat a pet who is suffering with an advanced case of tapeworms in a vital organ. Deworming also means a quality of life for the family pet that is not marred by the pain that accompanies the deterioration of infected organs.

Whether to protect the health of a the family pet or to make sure that livestock remains healthy and salable, deworming is a common task that just about any animal owner should perform regularly. Doing so ensures the well being of the animal, making it possible to enjoy the companionship of the family dog or cat for more years, or make a larger profit off the sale of healthy livestock.


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Post 3

@Melonlity -- Have no fear -- deworming cats and dogs is possible when you use the right technique. Your mileage may vary but I can tell you what works for me.

First of all, I get the liquid dewormer because I've had better luck with that than with pills. Second, I'll get a syringe so I can put the medicine in it and squirt it in the animals mouth. Third, I'll get the help of my wife.

My wife will hold down the animal in question while I pry its mouth open squirt medicine in the back of the mouth. I then hold the mouth shut and stroke the animal's neck and chin until the pet swallows.

All done!

Post 2

@Terrificli - Deworming puppies and kittens if pretty easy because you've got small animals there that are easy to manipulate. Poking that medicine down adult dogs and cats is another matter entirely.

I have a dog and a cat that I have to take to the vet to deworm because it is so difficult to do it myself. The dog likes to spit out the medicine while the cat does the same and scratches people.

I wish I knew a good way to deworm my animals. I would save quite a bit on vet bills.

Post 1

Deworming is almost mandatory when it comes to puppies. Luckily, deworming medicine for pups is pretty cheap and easy to administer. Pet owners who fail to take that step will probably wind up with wormy, unhappy puppies -- not a good situation.

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