What is Detangling Spray?

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Detangling spray is a hair product used by people who have very curly, thick, or easily tangled hair. It is a product that helps to coat the shaft of each follicle so that they are easy to separate and comb or brush apart. Brushing or combing tangled hair can damage the hair by stretching it or even breaking it. One way to boost the elasticity of hair is to wet it. For this reason, some people with very curly hair only comb their hair after washing it.

This product can be used by people of all ages, but there are many formulas specifically for children. This is because children often have hair that is finer than adult hair. The fine hair is easy to tangle. Furthermore, children often have scalps that are more sensitive than adult scalps, so the tugging and pulling required to detangle knots and snarls can feel especially painful to children. Detangling spray helps to make the tangles and snarls come apart more easily, which means that the child doesn't have to experience as much scalp pain.

For very thick knots, detangling spray may not work. Very thick, large knots sometimes simply have to be cut out of the hair, especially if they have become matted. The best way to avoid having to cut knots out of the hair is to groom the hair multiple times per day to keep knots from forming.


Using detangling spray a few times a day to manage small knots may be helpful. Regularly washing the hair and thoroughly combing it while wet is also helpful. Also, damaged hair is more prone to tangles, so keeping the hair healthy and getting regular trims is a good way to avoid tangles.

Children's detangling spray can usually be found with other products for children such as diapers, bottles, baby shampoo, and formula. It is available at many pharmacies, drug stores, and grocery stores. It is also usually a bit less expensive than detangling spray for adults. A bottle usually costs somewhere between $2 USD and $6 USD.


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Post 3

My daughter has very thick and curly hair that is impossible to manage without a detangling spray. The ones for children are nice and I have friends who use it for their kids and say it works great.

I have found a great grown up's detangling spray that's sensitive enough to use on my daughter but oh so expensive. Considering that she takes a bath practically every day, I can't afford to keep buying it!

Thankfully, I heard a great idea- to make my own detangling spray. I mix hair conditioner with water, shake it up and put it in a spray bottle. It works just as well as the high priced detangling spray that I love. It's

so easy to brush my daughter's hair this way and no more crying from the tangles and the pain of trying to undo them.

I totally recommend this for moms who need a detangling spray on a budget. Just make sure to put more water than the conditioner. I think mine is a 4:1 water ratio. You can put even more water if you want to make it lighter.

Post 2

@alisha-- The difference is that detangling sprays are always in liquid form and are sprayed on. Leave-in conditioners come in both lotion and spray form and they are used to condition hair, not detangle it.

You would use a detangling spray if you get tangles a lot and have trouble brushing your hair. Whereas leave-in conditioners are generally meant to protect or treat damaged hair and split ends and so forth. As far as I know, leave-in conditioners are meant to be applied to the ends of hair but detangling sprays you can apply to the entire hair.

Both of them are applied on damp hair after showering though.

Post 1

I bought detangling spray for babies to use for myself once but it didn't seem to work too well on me. I think it's because I have very thick hair. I felt like I had to spray so much of it to be able to start combing.

I'm also wondering, what is the difference between detangling sprays and leave-in conditioners? Don't they do the same thing?

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