What is Desktop SMS?

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Desktop short message service (SMS) is an application or program that allows users to send text messages directly from their computers. Businesses and consumers alike can benefit from using desktop SMS. The advtanges of using desktop SMS range from sending out bulk messages to using a full computer keyboard.

Desktop SMS can be important to businesses. It can be controlled from a computer, bulk messages can be sent, so it can be used for SMS marketing purposes. After the phone numbers of a target audience have been obtained, marketers can begin sending out text messages with promotional offers or business news. Text messages also can help strengthen a business' brand. This can be done if marketers ensure that a business is identified as the sender of a text message.

Programs devoted solely to text messaging exist, but SMS messages also can be sent through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) programs. These programs are favored by users who want to conduct phone calls over the Internet, but some applications can be equipped to send and receive text messages as well. Both calling and text messaging services can be reasonably priced and, often, the costs are less than standard cell phone rates.


Those using SMS for marketing endeavors might find it helpful that VoIP services can assign an actual phone number to a user. Phone numbers that can be replied to can add credibility to communications between businesses and prospects. It can also help to facilitate correspondence.

Another way that individuals can send out a desktop SMS message is by accessing web-based SMS services. These services can be found online and typically do not require that a user download any software onto his or her computer. Some companies providing web-based SMS services can do so for free, but some try to recoup their costs by imposing advertisements on messages. Businesses that would like to try SMS marketing would do well to look into alternatives to free text messaging because a free provider's advertisements might be confused with advertisements from the business.

Whichever desktop SMS service a user chooses, he or she likely will find text messaging easier through a desktop SMS program. Marketers who need to reach many cell phone users at once and individuals who simply want to correspond with friends will find that using desktop SMS applications can save them time. The use of a full computer keyboard while texting is often the selling point with these programs.


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Post 4

I have an Android phone and a Windows 8 laptop and I love "Text Desk". I don't have to pickup my phone anymore to check messages because they pop up right on my PC and I can reply to them right on my PC too. Very cool!

Post 3

@BreeZee22 - Your son is right and it's not very complicated either. It's also known as email to SMS, so for example you could use your email program to send a short text message to someone's cell phone. To find out the format/name of your cell carrier, send a text message from your phone to your email address. When you receive it in your inbox, the "To" field will show something like

Post 2

I have searching online for a similar solution. There are paid services that seem to be geared more toward a commercial or business solution. They look good but they are not cheap.

There is software that you can install on your computer. None are free that I have found and the prices I have found are around 50 USD, and I am not even certain how the software works.

I agree that I don’t want to risk sending free bulk SMS since I would not be able to control the ads. I have even been reading online about how to send SMS messages through e-mail and I am still confused.

My son said that if you know people’s cell phone carrier you can send an email to them with their phone number and then the @ sign and then the SMS gateway address of the cell phone carrier.

Post 1

I did not know that you could send a SMS from a computer. I need to learn how to do this. This isn’t for commercial use.

I need to teach someone how to use it for a church group. Do I need SMS software? I am concerned about ads for free desktop SMS since this is a church group.

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