What is Deodorant Cream?

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There are many types of deodorants on store shelves. These include roll-ons, solids, and sprays. Although it is not as widely stocked as other types, deodorant cream may also be available. This is generally a soft substance that has a consistency that can range from lotion to body butter. It is normally sold in some type of small, pot-like container, which allows the user to dip her fingers in and apply the substance with her hand.

Deodorant cream is usually placed under the arms to prevent sweating and the odors associated with sweating. Some brands are potent enough they can cause a burning sensation in the armpits. People with sensitive skin in that area may find it best to use the products labeled “unscented” or “mild.”

There are, however, advantages to using this type of deodorant. Many people do not like to share deodorants that come into contact with other peoples’ arms. Since cream varieties generally involve hand application, people may feel more comfortable sharing, which could result in savings for a family with multiple people.

Cream deodorants may also be considered more environmentally friendly than some other options. For example, scientific evidence suggests that using aerosols can have adverse effects on the atmosphere. For people with such concerns, using cream deodorants should be preferable to using sprays. Cream deodorants also tend to have simpler dispensers than solids and roll-ons. This can result in less material being used or disposed of as waste.


There is another benefit to simpler packaging. It can result in better pricing. In many instances, when comparing quantities, a person will find that deodorant cream is much cheaper than a deodorant with a rolling ball applicator or wind-up dispenser.

Despite these benefits, deodorant cream is not generally as popular as many of the other types of antiperspirants. There are several reasons why this may be true. Many consumers like deodorants that are clear when they dry, which is not normally the case with creams. Clear deodorants help prevent unsightly marks on clothes. It also helps to eliminate the embarrassment that occur from options such as deodorant cream which tend to gather in wads under the arms.

Another likely reason that deodorant cream is not as popular as other deodorants is because it lacks consumer appeal in other ways. People usually like to have a range of options, especially when scents are involved. Deodorant cream usually has limited varieties. The simplistic packaging also tends to be less appealing to consumers who buy items based on how they look.


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Post 3

@croydon - Actually what I've always thought cream deodorant was best for was treating smelly feet. You can get foot deodorant cream that will double as a moisturizer.

I used to use special socks that treated the problem and they work quite well, but then I read a couple of years ago that they have some kind of ingredient in them that can contaminate waterways when you wash them.

So, I swapped to using a deodorant cream, which is better actually since it means I can wear shoes without socks and not worry about my feet smelling bad.

Post 2

@Iluviaporos - I'm not against it myself, but I've got a friend who is the exact opposite. He won't touch any deodorant that is also an antiperspirant, because they use such harsh chemicals. He doesn't think it's natural or healthy to close off the sweat glands like that.

And he does use a deodorant, and I've never noticed him smelling any worse than any other guy!

I've never tried a cream deodorant myself, although I used one that was called all natural once. It was actually pretty irritating to my skin, much more than the ones I'd just bought off the supermarket shelves. I imagine a cream deodorant would be quite good for sensitive skin, but I'm happy with my roll on stuff.

Post 1

I've noticed that deodorant creams tend to be sold in stores that specialize in organic or hand made items. I think that's probably because it's easier to make a cream body deodorant and sell it in a pot rather than make a solid deodorant and fit it into a tube.

I don't tend to use those kinds of deodorants simply because it's difficult, or even impossible to make an all natural antiperspirant and I really hate having perspiration marks on my clothes.

I know it can be worse for the environment, but I'd rather use a spray and make sure there isn't going to be any difficulty there.

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