What is Deep Penetrating Light Therapy?

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Deep penetrating light (DPL) therapy uses infrared or invisible X-ray light to diminish blemishes, wounds, and the signs of aging on the skin. It is an alternative to other skin-care procedures, such as peels, laser treatments or surgery. Deep penetrating light therapy can also relieve pain and ease joint and muscle aches.

This type of therapy is based on cell regeneration research conducted by the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The infrared DPL lights used in this treatment reach deep into the skin and raise the temperature of the skin cells without harming the patient. This heat usually stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, proteins that help replace dead skin tissue with new cells. This therapy also improves blood circulation by allowing the blood stream to carry more oxygen and helpful nutrients to the skin.

Many people use deep penetrating light therapy for cosmetic purposes. It can have several benefits, such as giving the face a smoother, younger appearance by shrinking the pores and reducing natural wrinkles. It may also help people with a history of acne by removing brown and red skin discolorations that may be left over from past break-outs. DPL therapy is also sometimes used to refresh a patient’s complexion and give him or her lasting skin resilience.


Another benefit of deep penetrating light therapy is its ability to relieve various kinds of pain. For some patients, the infrared light used in DPL can block pain-transmitting chemicals and increase the production of endorphins, which are the body's natural pain-relievers. Many people who play strenuous sports or suffer pain due to advanced age use this form of therapy to relieve muscle spasms, minor sprains, and joint and muscle aches.

The popularity of DPL can also be linked to its lower cost and higher efficiency than other treatment methods. Surgeries are often very expensive and can lead to other problems, while chemical peels applied to the face may sometimes carry negative side-effects. DPL therapy, however, can be used on different parts of the body and carries few risks.

Patients can receive deep penetrating light therapy at clinics, in doctor's offices or other healthcare centers, but some choose to use the devices at home. DPL devices are generally easy to operate. Most have small plastic panels that emit the light and can be applied to the patient’s problematic body part. Healing sessions usually last only a few minutes and can be done while the patient is resting.


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Post 3

@nony - Light therapy is not that new. I know a teenager who had a horrendous breakout of acne on her skin.

She didn’t want to see a doctor but a friend bought her this acne blue light therapy device. She was told to use it for at least ten to twenty minutes a day.

Getting a teenager to sit still for twenty minutes is tough in itself, but she managed. After about a week the results were incredible.

A good deal of the acne had started to fade away. The device works by killing the bacteria which cause the acne. I think it opens up pores too so that your skin can breathe.

She never had to use another cream or ointment again. Within a few months her skin was totally clear.

Post 2

@miriam98 - I’ve been skeptical of these kinds of things in the past. However I have a friend who uses it as part of her skin renewal program and she swears by it.

Further, I heard recently that the FDA has approved the use of these LED therapy systems for use in combating pain as well as in the treatment of skin blemishes.

The FDA does not easily put its seal of approval on alternative therapy systems. I might be willing to give this a shot.

Current units out on the market are in the hundreds of dollars, so I may wait for prices to drop a little more. But I’m definitely open to it.

Post 1

I’m a great believer in alternate therapy, and this is one treatment I’d be willing to give a try.

I’ve had muscle aches due to things like tendinitis and a mild bursitis, and over the years I’ve tried heat and cold therapy with reasonable results.

However, I would be willing to try out a deep penetrating light therapy system as well. I'm sure it would work since it generates heat as well.

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