What is Decorative Wall Painting?

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Decorative wall painting is artwork done in paint directly on the wall instead of on a canvas or other type of movable item. It is not necessarily an image or pattern, but can also be texture created with the paint. The paintings vary by type and size, ranging from a small motif to a full room mural — and can even be a wall simply painted with a texturizing technique, such as sponge painting. Some are simple enough to do by hand, others will need the skilled and steady hand of a professional.

A benefit to decorative wall painting is that it creates an alternative to purchasing expensive artwork or decorative wall art. It also allows for customization of the ideal design instead of searching for the perfect painting or item. A mural or design can be any size and fit in almost any area that needs something decorative to fill the space.

The first step in having a decorative wall painting, such as a mural, is deciding on the size. Some may be more comfortable in having something small, such as a motif. Others may choose to have a full mural stretching across every wall of a room. For medium-sized options, home owners may consider a faux painting or a wall mural on only one wall.


Decorative wall painting can make a room feel more like a special environment than a just another room in a house. For example, painting the walls with a beach or countryside landscape can help make anyone feel as though they are right there. It can feel as though you are enveloped in a beautiful painting.

For those who would rather have textured walls instead of an image or design, sponging is an incredibly easy option that almost anyone can do. Simple techniques involve applying a base coat, letting it dry, then applying a painting glaze with a damp sponge. Another option is to use a spray texture gun, which typically offers a choice of several different textures to create almost any type of decorative wall painting.

A small decorative wall painting can fit anywhere. Some popular areas to put it include over an entry way, above windows or along a staircase. It adds a little color and ornate detail to an otherwise empty space.

When choosing the painting style and technique, home owners can keep in mind that it isn't permanent. After a while, if it doesn't seem to work in the space, it can always be changed. This type of decoration doesn't involve a long-term commitment and allows more flexibility with design.


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