What is Daycare Scheduling Software?

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Daycare centers can be chaotic places, so many daycare providers look to computer programs to help streamline their businesses. Daycare scheduling software programs have been developed to meet this burgeoning need. Not only do these programs schedule the school year by organizing field trips, holidays, in-service days, and so on, but they are quickly becoming a must-have for these hectic businesses. There are daycare scheduling software programs available with many features already built-in, as well as basic programs that can be customized by adding specific modules to fit your needs.

One function of daycare scheduling software is to organize client family information into useful reports that allow owners to service their clients better. Most programs are customizable to include reports that track attendance, student to teacher ratios, and a child's sign-in and sign-out times. Individual and group messages may be input into a child's "account" and delivered when a parent signs the child out. Birthdays can also be tracked, as well as roll call sheets and meal management lists.

A primary concern of most daycare owners is maintaining a safe and healthy environment for their children. Some daycare scheduling software programs allow owners to track allergies and special medical instructions. Another optional feature is a door release system which integrates security with the program. Some programs have the ability to store photographs of authorized children and adults.


Another function of a good daycare scheduling software program is an accounting feature, which can also be integrated into some financial management software programs. This feature typically includes billing, which allows the owner to manage billing rates, discounts, charges, and payments. Owners can create customized invoices, deposit slips, and year-end statements. The ability to receive electronic payments is another feature which makes the accounting process easier for a busy owner. For the owner who does his or her own payroll, some daycare scheduling software can create payroll checks, serve as a time clock, and analyze student to teacher ratios.

Even if your daycare is small or has several locations, a daycare scheduling software program can give you more time to take care of the kids instead of hassling with administrative duties.


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