What Is Data Store?

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A data store is a collection of data that is stored on a computer. This storage unit makes it possible to access information. The store is typically divided and categorized by specific business areas or job functions. This type of segregation makes it easy to run reports about sales, expenses, and market trends for a company.

In its most basic form, a data store is a file system that holds data. This storage device is typically located on a separate computer that is backed up onto tapes or external media. The data is maintained in an easy-to-read format that segregates data elements into special files for the business. This is similar to an electronic file cabinet with multiple file folders.

There are two primary types of data maintained in data stores. These are known as transactional data and reporting data. Each type of data requires separate data stores. This will help to ensure the system performs at an optimal level.

The transactional database is designed for fast input and processing power. This type of data store is used for checkout registers and reservation systems, which are heavily used. The transactional database is designed for input speed and not meant for reporting.


A reporting database is designed for complex reporting and business analysis. A data store is often the term used to describe this type of database. Reporting databases require additional memory and computer hardware to execute complex queries efficiently.

The data in a reporting data store is typically less timely than a transactional database. That is because the data is transferred from the transactional database at specific intervals throughout the day. This type of database can be updated less frequently because analytical reports do not typically require real-time information.

Most companies have data stores for each area of the business. This provides critical information to executives on market analysis. It is important to create separate data stores for specific business areas of a company to ensure the system performs well.

A database can also be used to integrate multiple databases from many parts of the business. This concept is known as data warehousing. A data warehouse is a special data store that provides historical information about all facets of a business. This storage area holds data that can help a company determine trends, sales, and the overall performance of the business.


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