What is Cyclone Fencing?

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Cyclone fencing is fencing perhaps more commonly known as chain link fencing. This fencing is most recognizable by the typical diamond-shaped pattern created by the interweaving of the wires from which the fencing is made. It may be supported by metal or wood poles, but it requires some kind support to stand upright. Cyclone fencing is commonly used to enclose private property for the safety or containment of children and pets; to protect and enclose agricultural land, industrial properties, and athletic fields; and even to construct prison perimeter fences.

The linking of the cyclone fencing is created by intersecting wires that are bent in a zig-zag pattern. This pattern is the result of a strand of galvanized steel — steel coated with a layer of rust-resistant metal — being bent at 90° angles that alternate in direction every few inches (centimeters). By taking two such strands and hooking the bends of one into the bends of the other, and repeating this with additional strands, the characteristic "chain link" of the cyclone fencing is created.

Cyclone fencing is manufactured and purchased in rolls that vary in length and width, depending on the intended use. When unrolled and attached to poles, the fence that is created may be half the height of a full-grown man, or it may stretch several stories into the air. The ultimate height of the completed fence depends on the intended purpose.


In some regions, cyclone fencing is a term used to refer specifically to the heavy-duty forms of chain link fence used in industrial, military, and prison applications to create a perimeter or barrier fence. In such applications, the fencing is usually topped off in some manner with "barbed" or "razor" wire. These kinds of wire have spikes or sharpened edges intended to catch in the clothing or skin of any person or animal that might attempt to climb over the fence.

When used in domestic situations, such as to define a yard around a home, cyclone fencing might have wooden or vinyl panels inserted between the links. This can be to create greater privacy, because normal cyclone fencing can be seen through, but also can serve as a wind break to shelter the yard from the weather. The panels may also be used in some business and industrial applications for security reasons, because making it impossible to see through the cyclone fencing may be a deterrent to thieves.


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