What Is Custom Cabinetry?

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Custom cabinetry is any cabinetry that is designed specifically for a customer to serve a certain purpose, or to go in a certain area. Such cabinetry offers several advantages over stock cabinetry, including the ability to custom-manufacture sizes, choose different finishes, trimmings, and various types of building materials. Generally, choosing custom cabinetry will come at a premium price, but the final price often depends on the type of materials, sizes and engineering going into the project.

One of the major things custom cabinetry does is give the homeowner or building owner the chance to choose the sizes most appropriate for the space. Typically, stock wall cabinets come 12 inches (30.5 cm) deep, and base cabinets come 24 inches deep (61 cm). Base cabinets are 34.5 inches (87.6 cm) tall, and wall cabinets tend to be approximately 30 inches (76.2 cm), though there is some variation. Widths range anywhere from 9 to 48 inches in 3 inch increments (23 cm to 122 cm in 7.62 cm increments). With custom cabinets, there is no need to stick to these limitations because all cabinets are cut according to the customer's specific requirements.


Materials are another advantage when choosing custom cabinetry. Typically, stock cabinets are made with particle board, with the exception of the doors, where oak is one of the more common materials. While it is possible to get higher quality stock cabinetry, there is no question about the availability of materials if the customer chooses a custom option. In such cases, the variety of wood used in the construction of the cabinets is almost limitless.

Closely related to the materials are the finishes. Generally, depending on the wood, a natural finish may be the most desirable option for a customer. With custom cabinetry, this is especially true because customers can choose a wood with the look they want. Therefore, staining or other types of finishing may not be as necessary, thus helping to reduce the workload before or during the installation process.

To help the cabinets really stand out from the stock variety, the customer may also wish to consider the different trimmings that are available on the cabinets. These are accent pieces found on the top, along the sides, or the bottoms of cabinets or cabinet doors. Some trimmings are also available on stock cabinets, but the most unique looks are the result of custom cabinet work. Handles and other accent pieces also can add to the overall appeal, and make cabinetry appear very unique and personalized.


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