What is Curtain Tape?

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Curtain tape, which is also frequently referred to as drapery tape, is used to hold the top pleat of curtains or drapes in place. Many people also use this type of tape to create an attractive border along the top of their curtains. Not everyone uses tape for their curtains, but it may be beneficial for people who want to keep the top pleat of their curtains from getting bunched up. Curtain tape may be applied in a few different ways, and most people can find it with no trouble in any store that sells curtains and curtain accessories.

The top pleat of curtains or drapes can become easily bunched up and messy looking from frequent opening and closing. It can be an annoyance for some people to continually have to straighten the pleat out by hand to keep it looking neat. For this reason, some people use curtain tape. Most types of curtain tape are very stiff and come in a long roll just like regular tape. The stiffness is key for keeping the shape of curtain pleats.


Most types of curtain tape are attached to curtains by sewing and ironing. Not everyone chooses to iron their curtain tape after sewing it on, but this can give the pleats a neater, straighter appearance. Sewing curtain tape onto curtains is generally easy enough that even the most inexperienced sewer could do it with little trouble. The tape is typically laid out along the top panel of the curtain or drape and stitched on. After that, the pleats are manually ironed in unless a person decides to create the pleats by hand.

A person who is making her own curtains or drapes should be sure to use twice as much fabric as what might cover a window to account for the pleats that will be put in later. If a person measures her window and only uses enough fabric to cover the measurements of the window, she will not have enough curtain to cover the window after she is done pleating the curtains. Curtain tape is available in all sorts of patterns, fabrics, and sizes. Even though this tape is likely available at any store that sells curtain accessories, it might be best for someone to buy it at a fabric store. People who work in fabric stores may have more knowledge about all aspects of hanging curtains or drapes and might be able to demonstrate how tape for curtains is attached.


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Post 3

@raynbow- With the huge variety of curtains on the market today, I think that you could easily find curtains that are already pleated. This is much easier than using curtain tape to put a pleat in an existing curtain.

If you have your heart set on pleating the curtain you have, curtain tape is a good option. The best thing that you can do is practice taping a pleat on a piece of old material before attempting to tape a pleat in your curtain. This will give you some practice and a feel for what it is like to do this task.

The next thing that you must have to be successful at using curtain tape is patience. Though it can be tedious to tape a pleat, it isn't too difficult to do once you get the hang of it and take you time to complete the job.

Post 2

@raynbow- I have used curtain tape, and the answer to your question really depends on the type of material your curtains are made of.

Curtains that are made of heavy materials are definitely harder to tape pleats in than those made of thin materials. Regardless of the material though, taping curtain pleats can be frustrating. You should have a friend watch and guide you as you tape your curtains, so you can be sure your pleat is straight and even.

Post 1

I have a curtain that I think would look good with a pleat at the top, but using curtain tape sounds difficult to do. I'm looking for some advice from someone who knows what it is like to make a pleat in a curtain using this type of tape.

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