What Is Curry Ketchup?

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While there are thousands of different variations of curry ketchup recipes, the basic concept remains the same. The condiment is basically a mixture of regular tomato ketchup with some curry powder mixed into it. Curry ketchup is very popular in Germany, which is actually its country of origin, but it can also be found throughout the rest of the world. It was first served in Berlin in 1949 as a condiment for a pork sausage dish known as currywurst. The ketchup became so popular that Germany began to export curry ketchup varieties to countries all around the globe.

Local specialty stores and international retailers often carry several different brands of German curry ketchup. Some popular brands include Hela, Heinz, Knorr, and Zeisner. These brands can be found all across the United States and Canada, along with a multitude of other countries. The ketchup is made ready to eat right out of the bottle and is commonly used as a condiment that's added to sausages, hot dogs, french fries, appetizers, and just about anything else one can imagine. Some people even use it as marinades or for barbequing on the grill.


Curry ketchup was first popularized in Germany in 1949 with its use in a fast-food dish known as currywurst. A currywurst is a sliced-up, spicy pork sausage served with lots of curry ketchup on top, along with either french fries or bread rolls. It's sold in restaurants and from street carts throughout Germany. As the popularity of curry ketchup spread throughout Germany, it also found its way to Belgium and the Netherlands, where it has remained equally as popular. The ketchup even seems to have a cult following of fans around the rest of the world.

A basic recipe for curry ketchup calls for mixing 1/2 tablespoon oil, 2 tablespoons onions, 11/2 tablespoons curry powder, 1/2 tablespoon paprika, 1 cup ketchup, and 1/2 cup water together. The mix should be prepared by sauteing the chopped onions in the oil for a couple of minutes. When the onions are transparent, the curry powder and paprika should be added to the pan and allowed to simmer for about a minute. The final step is to add some store-bought ketchup and water and allow it to simmer for about five minutes. Then the mixture is poured into a container and refrigerated until ready to serve.


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Post 3

Curry ketchup is popular in Belgium too. It's usually served alongside mayonnaise with Belgian fries.

I heard that Herta Heuwer, who came up with currywurst observed American and British soldiers before coming up with the idea. She watched the American soldiers use a lot of ketchup on their fries and the British soldiers used a lot of curry powder seasoning. And so was born the idea of currywurst, possibly the most popular take-out food in Germany.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- Yes, curry ketchup is a German invention. Food is becoming popular. Did you know that chicken tikka masala is the national dish of United Kingdom? It sounds strange but it's true!

Curry ketchup was everywhere when I visited Germany. It was served as a condiment at most restaurants and it was a must have of street food. When Germans eat currywurst, they pour a lot of curry ketchup on top of the sausage and then sprinkle lots of curry powder on top. It's not called "currywurst" for no reason. They like their curry!

Post 1

I thought curry ketchup would have originated in India. It's surprising to know it originated in Germany. I guess food is becoming global like everything else. I have never tried curry ketchup but I love curry, so I think I will like it.

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