What is Cucumber Lotion?

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Cucumber lotion is a cool, calming botanical cream that can soothe and heal the skin. The cucumber has a potential Hydrogen (pH) level very close to the pH of human skin, and contains a high percentage of water. These two factors make it an excellent choice for skin care. Cucumber lotion is recommended as a moisturizer, as well as a treatment for sunburn and other irritated skin conditions. It can be commercially prepared or made at home with a few simple ingredients.

Commercially prepared cucumber lotion often contains a long list of ingredients. This ingredient list might include chemicals and artificial fragrances. If an individual desires to purchase cucumber lotion in order to benefit from the cooling and smoothing properties of the cucumber fruit, he or she should take the time to ensure that the lotion does include cucumber juice or extract. Some commercial cucumber lotions are merely regular moisturizer with a cucumber scent. These fragrance lotions do not include the health benefits of the actual cucumber fruit.


One benefit of homemade body cream is that the ingredient list is fully customizable. An individual can add soothing and refreshing ingredients to design a lotion that includes all the desired properties. Common additions to cucumber lotion include mint, honey, or rose water. Making cucumber lotion at home is fairly simple process that includes pureeing and straining the botanical ingredients, then mixing their juice with the other components. Homemade lotions and tonics may be designed to either absorb into the skin, or be rinsed off after a brief treatment period.

Because the cucumber is pH balanced to the human skin and full of water, it makes a great treatment for irritated skin. Painful, sunburned skin in particular can benefit from cooling cucumber lotion. It also improves irritation caused by rashes, wind burn, insect bites, and any other situation where the skin is chafed or aggravated.

There are many cucumber skin care products other than cucumber lotion. For example, cucumber juice makes an excellent toner. Skin toner is a light, refreshing liquid that can cleanse and brighten the skin. Cucumber juice can be used alone as a toner, or mixed with other ingredients such as honey, rose water, witch hazel, or aloe. Cucumber toner can also remove hidden, sticky residues on the face that can cause breakouts. This type of cleansing lotion will smooth and hydrate facial skin.

The cucumber makes an excellent facial when mixed with items like avocado, honey, and ground oats. Additionally, the cucumber is such a soothing fruit that it can also be used on its own as part of a skin care routine. Slicing a fresh cucumber and placing it on the eyes and face can ease puffiness and soreness, treat dark circles, and brighten and calm the skin. Cucumber skin products can leave an individual with smooth, cool, healthy skin that feels relaxed and refreshed.


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Post 2

@dinoleash: I have not personally tried this recipe but my sister has. She said it is simple to make. I don’t know how easy it will be to find the ingredients, though. You need 2 large cucumbers, 1/3 cup elder flower water, and ¼ cup rectified spirits of wine or whisky.

Peel the cucumbers and then cut into slices. Place them in a double boiler with the lid placed on it. Let it cook until the cucumbers are soft. Place the cucumber into a fine linen bag and squeeze until all of the juice is extracted.

Add the other ingredients and shake the mixture very well in a bowl with a lid. Pour it into small bottles to store it.

Post 1

I would like to try and make some homemade cucumber body lotion but I wouldn't even know where to start. I know the article states it is pretty easy so I think I will attempt it.

Does anyone have a specific recipe?

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