What is CS-Script?

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CS-Script is a scripting system for computer programming. It is based on Common Language Runtime (CLR) and uses the C# language. What many programmers like is that CS-Script is open-source, meaning that it can be adapted to a programmer's needs as long as use falls under the license agreement. The scripting engine is used in CLR-oriented environments, and most often the Microsoft® .NET Framework.

The main selling point of CS-Script is that it combines both C# and fuzzy control programming languages with the convenience and flexibility of a scripting system. The engine can automate a variety of programming needs so that system administrators, network administrators, system developers or even program testers can save time. They can use CS-Script to execute C# code from either a command prompt or from a CLR application where the script engine is hosted.

Most CLR scripting systems combine a runtime environment and a language. This means that the runtime is attached to and cannot operate without the associated language, and vice versa. CS-Script is different because it is only a runtime environment. It uses the C# programming language and the related infrastructure so that programmers can reap several different benefits.


First, the fact that the language doesn't have to be maintained separately means that the user does not need to develop or use any language compiler or developer tools. The user can simply take advantage of the existing development infrastructure. In addition, a great deal of information available online and in print regarding how to use the scripting engine as well as the C# language.

Second, CS-Script can be used in conjunction with other CLR languages with the required language adapters, also referred to as alternative compilers. The default language of the scripting engine is C#, but it also comes with adapters for VB, C+, C++, CLI and JavaScript. This makes CS-Script even more adaptable to whatever scripts a programmer needs to develop or run, whether they are hosted or stand-alone scripts.

Additional benefits include the ease of installation and the ability to extend the system. Installation is accomplished simply by bringing the script and engine files onto any system that has .NET runtime. The scripting engine and function can be extended in several ways. A script can be converted to an application and an application can be converted to a script. Also, any new assemblies written in .NET or any COM components can be added to expand the scripting engine's abilities.


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